The Thran (Magic: The Gathering: The Thran) – Kindle edition by J. Robert King. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. They were introduced in the Urza’s Saga set, with such cards as Thran Quarry and were able to cure; their arcane healing magic only worsened the disease. 4/27/, If a player somehow has only one land card in their graveyard when either of Fall of the Thran’s last two chapter abilities resolves, that player returns.

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Yawgmoth uses this to get more funding for his research and complete control over the Halcyte Guard. I was really impressed A good read.

He plans to keep her alive, to dissect her and find what it is that gives her gathrring power.

Thran Empire

This site is a part of Curse, Inc. This page was last edited on 10 Julyat As far as this book goes, I think having read The Brothers’ War first, I wanted to read this book a lot more than any other book pretty much ever.

Ki This may be the most important if you can call any MTG fluff important book to date as far as understanding the background for the MTG universe. I hesitate to call Yawgmoth an anti-hero because he is deliberately manipulative. I have read many Magic: Perhaps Tbe spoiled by current day fantasy that always seems to be extremely long and engrossing, but there just seems like there was so much story crammed into too few pages.

Since he fights against phthisis, continual degradation, he decides to name this place after phyresiscontinual progression.

Echo At the beginning of your upkeep, if this came under your control since the beginning of your last upkeep, sacrifice it unless you pay its echo cost. This was a vast improvement over the baffling early novels before WOTC established a consistent canon. This book failed for me beca Usually I’m a fan of King’s stuff, but this one just fell flat for me.

We find that they really aren’t some super-advanced god-like race, but mere humans with all the troubles and faults of everyone else. B I read this book as a teenager, and recently revisited it. Jun 08, Christopher Dubey rated it it was amazing Shelves: Yawgmoth was surprisingly sympathetic for most of this, he was a dick but he was right in a lot of cases until you find out he started the plague himself.

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Artifacts Cycle 0Magic: The Thran migrated in, probably from the east, and their empire covered two-thirds of the continent, though they also had colonies on other places Like Caliman and Shiv. No trivia or quizzes yet. In the absence of a clear majority, a count was gathered from the eldest delegate from each city-state. Unhappily named exile Yawgmoth is called back to the city of Halcyon by their lead magic researcher’s wife Rebbec because the lead magic researcher Glacian has fallen ill, and Yoggy is crazy with his curin’ people.

To view it, click here. Gix starts to send Untouchables, both healthy and sick, up to Halcyon. Dx rated it it was amazing Aug 17, Jul 29, Jeremiah Williams rated it really liked it. The hideous evil of Phyrexia was born. Nov 11, Neil Chafin rated it really liked it. Then he sets up a large army, consisting of the Halcyte Guard and people enhanced by the changes they underwent in Phyrexia, in Megheddon Defile.

Thran Turbine 1 Artifact At the beginning of your upkeep, you may add. It seems after reading this, which was written at least 10 years after the card game was released, that the story was always there and they always intended to tell it, but had never been able.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Yawgmoth takes her to Phyrexia and uses his godlike powers to take possession of her entire being, finally learning how much she has grown to hate him over the years. Yawgmoth then has Glacian brought to the Caves of the Damned, which, the artificer discovers, gatherlng now sterile laboratories where the sick are experimented on, instead of damp caves where they are left to rot.

Both of them at the same time. Then, with her further assistance, and insights into powerstone physics from an increasingly delusional Glacian, he opened an interplanar portal between Phyrexia and the caves below Halcyon, and offered it to the Thran as a refuge from powerstone radiation. She goes to the pedestal-room and does that, even though Yawgmoth pleads her not to from the other side of the portal. The arrival of the planeswalker Dyfed in AR set off a series of events that would lead to the downfall of gatheding Thran Empire and the creation of an interplanar threat.


The founding of the Thran Empire on Terisiare is lost.

While he is in a coma, Yawgmoth takes Rebbec on a tour across the empire, where they make health-corpses in the great city-states. This part starts with the battle of the Null Spherewhere Yawgmoth and his followers capture the Sphere and launch it into the air, hoping to use its powers to control the artifact creatures of the Thran Alliance and send them against their masters. Reveal the top three cards of your library. He starts to bring phthisis patients to Phyrexia, where they are implanted with empty powerstones that drain away their sickness.

I — Destroy all lands. Yawgmoth remarks that the healer has become beautiful in his eyes thanks to his mutations. Retrieved from ” https: Also, I don’t think this book passes the Bechdel test which is a let down, especially coming of the previous novels. Still, I was like, god, Glacian won’t shut up, and Rebbec is too naive to be worth a damn, just cut their faces off, already.

The Thran by J. Robert King

Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. If I have to give one criticism, it’s that things move a bit too quickly for my taste. Only because Yawgmoth and Rebbec are members of the council gathernig, Yawgmoth can stay. It was republished in June as the first part of Artifacts Cycle I. Before history itself, the plane of Dominaira was ruled by the Thran.