Buy a cheap copy of Love Without Conditions: Reflections of book by Paul Ferrini. The incredible book from Jesus calling us to awaken to our own Christhood. The Paperback of the Love without Conditions (Reflections of The Christ Mind Series) by Paul Ferrini at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on. The incredible book from Jesus calling us to awaken to our own Christhood. Rarely has any book conveyed the teachings of the master in such a simple but.

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You are the judge who pronounces sentence. What if your purpose could be known as easily as if you were reading the Book of Life itself? Since all your brothers and sisters are acting out of shame-based patterns, they cannot offer you the love you know that you deserve, nor can you offer it to them.

My teaching threatens this basic assumption. conditiins

Love Without Conditions : Paul Ferrini :

Aug 06, Ron Sitton rated it really liked it Shelves: These — blasphemous though they be — are the absurd ideas you would attribute to me! Thanks for a very good, sense making article Post Your Reply. Some of the best writing on experiencing your wholeness.

For if you think and act with God you pakl influence others without saying a single word. For not only will you find that guilt is the root of all suffering, you will also find that self-forgiveness is necessary. Mar 28, Micky Livingston rated it it was amazing. David Reddy Post Your Reply. There are dense bodies and light bodies, but all have a beginning or end.


It just raises the temperature in the pressure cooker. And it is in the interest of ferini to help him do this. Lose interest in interpreting the actions of others.

Great book Enjoyed reading this book. The Death of the Ego. A definite keeper and a Top-Shelf winner in my eyes I can speak through anyone who has that willingness. Those who don’t join in the world’s game of projection are the very first to be attacked. Your feelings of rage, hurt and betrayal, all of which seem justified, will just fuel the fire of interpersonal conflict and continue to reinforce your unconscious belief that you are unlovable and incapable of loving.

I teach that sin itself is not real. There is no one who would shrink from his purpose here once it has been revealed to him. What turned me off the book was the constant referral to “my Brother. I didn’t have a problem with the message in the book.

Love without Conditions, by Paul Ferrini

Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of I enjoy learning about different religion, but what I don’t like is when they try to trick in into joining theirs. Mastery of your own thoughts is essential for your enlightenment. They are an untruth that you sustain. So what shall you practice? Even if I intend to drop all methods my unconscious protection devices are operating as an “unconscious method.


Paul Ferrini-Heartways Press Amazon. Have frequent attacks of smiling. Mar 26, Nancy rated it it was amazing.

Love Without Conditions

A spiritual person transforms all this allowing him to learn the truth of unconditional love. Will read again because I know,each time, I will open some more and truely understand what the words cannot convey. Apparently I should hug the guy that mugs me at gun point.

On Sep 28, deepak wrote: Two thousand years ago Jesus preached to all to “love one another as I have loved you “-His love was unconditional,His patience,mercy, compassion ,kindness and healing were all,unconditional. Ferriin are not the body, for the body is born and dies, and you are not born, nor do you die.

If you learned nothing from my life, you must have learned this! My friends, I await that moment of complete honesty and responsibility with joy and certainty.

Only in this way can the kingdom of God be experienced on earth. In this book, it doesn’t go into Christianity the religion, it goes into Christ, the person.