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28 ago. Please, help me to find this lei atualizada em pdf printer. I’ll be really very grateful. lei nº , de 15 de dezembro de – Câmara. Absenteísmo por doença na equipe de enfermagem de uma operadora de plano de saúde [Sickness IIIR.N., Professor at the Graduate Program in Basic Nursing, University of São Paulo at .. Lei n. , de 03 de Junho de Dispõe sobre os planos e seguros privados de assistência à saúde. ; The immobilization of catalytic groups onto a dendritic support either at the core or at the periphery gives rise to unique properties that affect.

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Preparation of 2-substituted indole compound, useful for the synthesis of e. Science of Synthesis Volume 1pages. Marchese, Mark Lautens Org. Tsui, and Mark Lautens Angew.

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Synthesis in the Key of Catellani: Topics in Current Chemistry, Celebrating Canadian Chemistry Prof. A Tandem Catalytic Approach to Methyleneindenes: Diastereoselective double ring closing metathesis reactions as an approach to symmetrical bicyclodienes Lautens, M; Hughes, G; Zunic, V Can. Xiang Fang, Brendan Peters and Prof.


Pd 0 -Catalyzed Carboiodination: The versatile role of norbornene in C-H functionalization processes: Palladium catalyzed hydrostannation-cyclization of 1,6-diynes. Regioselective palladium-catalyzed hydrostannylation of unsymmetrical oxabicyclic alkenes Lautens, M; Klute, W Angew.

Candito and Mark Lautens Org. A highly selective tandem cross-coupling of gem-dihaloolefins for a modular, efficient 14116 of highly functionalized indoles Fang, YQ; Lautens, M J.

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Metal-Ligand Binding Affinity vs Reactivity: Synthetic and Mechanistic Studies David A. Petrone and Mark Lautens Angew. General strategy toward the tetrahydronaphthalene skeleton.

Rhodium-Catalyzed Enantioselective Reductive Arylation: New hydronaphthalene compounds useful for preparing active pharmaceutical ingredients e. Catalysis for Fine Chemical Synthesis3 Newman, Mark Lautens, and K. Metal-Mediated Organic Chemistry6 Temperature effects in the asymmetric reductive ring opening of [3.

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Rhodium-catalyzed carbon-carbon bond forming reactions of organometallic compounds Fagnou, K; Lautens, M Chem. Palladium II catalyst systems for the addition of boronic acids to bicyclic alkenes: Olson, Mark Lautens Org.


Tetrahedron52 Lui, and Mark Lautens Org. Franke, and Mark Lautens Org. Malik, Mark Lautens Top. An expedient route for the stereoselective construction of 11416 polyheterocyclic ring systems using the tandem ”pincer” Diels-Alder reaction Lautens, M; Fillion, E J.

Rhodium-catalyzed ring opening of vinyl epoxides with alcohols and aromatic amines Fagnou, K; Lautens, M Org. Hashmi, Mark Lautens, Org.

Reshuffling the Rules of Selectivity: Use of a sterically demanding Lewis acid to direct ring expansion of monoactivated methylenecyclopropanes Taillier, C; Bethuel, Y; Lautens, M Tetrahedron63 ,