Title, In Pursuit of Gold: Alchemy in Theory and Practice. Authors, Lapidus, Stephen Skinner. Edition, illustrated. Publisher, Spearman, ISBN, LAPIDUS. In Pursuit i of Gold Alchemy in. Theory and Practice Additions and .. In Pursuit of Gold the readers nowhere. why should nature stop at metals?. Is`s a few time ago, when I have studied “In pursuit of Gold” by Lapidus (Stephen Skinner). After an intensive reading of the book (three or more.

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Therefore it is not surprising that this has resulted in the complete secret art being exposed many times over, although of course never pursuot any one treatise.

In Pursuit of Gold : “Lapidus” :

Verdandi added it Mar 11, However there must be some prior belief lappidus the feasibility of attaining the goal sought, for without this, one could not persevere undaunted. In the original work, the pictures are not in any special order, therefore a few guiding remarks have been added under each picture, by the present author, which may make them more useful to the interested student.

Many godfearing men, who had nothing to gain by deception, testified on their death-beds to the truth of alchemy. The latter looks upon metals as living things while they are still unmade into some permanent form, in just the same manner as a farmer will look upon corn before it is made into golf Both contain the seed of growth. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Alchemy has no connection whatsoever with these matters except that their practitioners sometimes also pursued alchemy.

Alchemy texts archives – Lapidus

Open Preview See a Problem? This fact is not immediately obvious owing to the shortness of human life compared to the long stretches of time necessary for minerals to gestate and develop imperceptibly those changes in nature which occur whilst they are in the earth.


Among others famed for longevity in more modern times, there was the mysterious Count de St. How potent then must be the spiritual nature of our stone, which can effect more in one hour by a bare projection than nature in the course of the ages.

Indeed, what has salt, sulphur and mercury, the three principles of the art, to do with religion or spiritual thought? Gold Sol, sun, the greater luminary, the king. Jure marked it as to-read Jun 21, Perhaps it would help to recapitulate what has been said in the above work.

Alchemists maintain that nature does not stop at metals. Consummation of the Hermetic Marriage Fire and air were the two other elements which made up their four elements, but these latter two we can ignore for the moment. Following from this alchemical axiom was the idea that everything living consisted of earth and water. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This work is also abridged.

Why, in spite of so much literature on alchemy, are we still in the dark with regard to its processes? They are not really two, but one and the same thing.

Infact, some adepts in alchemy have written so many treatises that, from these alone, one may gather the whole secret if their works are properly pieced together in an orderly fashion. It is the one true natural first substance, to which nothing is added, and from which nothing is subtracted, except certain superfluities, which however it will cast off without any aid by its own inherent vital action. In fact, lapidux of these names could describe what the matter in the flask appeared like during the processes that took place at various stages of the alchemical process.

In species, it is gold, more pure than the purest; it is fixed and incombustible like a stone, but its appearance is that of a very fine powder, impalpable to the touch, fragment as to smell, in potency goldd most penetrative spirit, apparently dry, and yet unctuous, and easily capable of tingeing a plate of metal. To a great extent we have golr cleared the ground of a good many blinds, stumbling blocks and misconceptions.


In Pursuit of Gold: Alchemy Today in Theory and Practice

All this work was carried out in a natural manner; no fires or furnaces like the metallurgist uses. It is necessary then to reduce metallic bodies to their homogeneous water which does not wet the hands, and that from this water there may be generated a new metallic species, which is nobler by far than any existing metal, viz. This will bear fruit when we come to examine a complete treatise on the art of alchemy.

Hence all other metals may be perfected into gold by the aid of our art, which being projected upon imperfect metals, has power to quicken the maturing process by as much as itself exceeds the standard maturity of gold. The simple answer is that there is hardly a treatise among the many thousands that can be clearly understood.

Johnny Milstead marked it as to-read Aug 10, Christian marked it as to-read Jun 28, The seed becomes shoot, the bud a blossom, the flower becomes fruit. One finds it a prominent term in all the literature on alchemy.

As is generally known, these facts can be said about ordinary mercury or quicksilver, yet to all the adepts in the art this latter is disdained and is not used. It is proposed to examine only a few treatises, those which are the most lucid, sincere and genuine.

The Puruit Man and his White Wife 8.

In the morning I awoke to find That my garden was full of flowers.