Starkissed. Lanette Curington. She’s human, he’s not, but together Leith and J’ Qhir struggle to survive on an alien world, defeat interstellar treachery from a. by Lanette Curington She’s human, he’s not Leith McClure reluctantly takes over the family shipping business due to her father’s illness. She is shocked to find. Read “Starkissed” by Lanette Curington with Rakuten Kobo. She’s human, he’s not Leith McClure reluctantly takes over the family shipping business due to her .

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What else would a technologically inferior society at war need? Paxians were often used as peacekeepers when opposite sides were more likely to let their lanete overrule common sense.

She was tired of his lame come-ons and sexual innuendo, and that look that was not appealing to her at all. Soft grey carpet covered the floor. Want to Read saving….

Lanette Curington (Author of Starkissed)

I just felt, “Eh. And I regret spending money on this at all. Aug 28, hIpnoticraQs rated it it was ok. The starscape dominated the darkened room. I truly thought I was going to be mentally ssscarred from this reading experience.



If forced open without the code, incapacitating electrical charges would be the thief’s reward. Especially I was a little disappointed in this book. They find staekissed stranded on a deserted planet, and what must have happen, happened, they fall in love. Resembling a human more than the Zi, his eyes were round, a beautiful shade of blue, and yet they didn’t seem real, as if they were glass replicas.

I’m sure we can find another buyer. This stinking cover had me not buying the e-book even though I thought from reading the summary that it would be something I would like. Lanette Curington Goodreads Author. The Zi culture was strange but it was supposed to be, I guess, for the story to really work. He stayed so close beside her their jackets occasionally brushed. As he reached out to help her he felt the enormous weight of an increase in gravity. This st I have to tell you that I read maybe one book out of ,say, books more than once.

He took the chair next to her as Commander J’Qhir reclaimed his. In the sweeping hollows created by prominent cheekbones and crested brow, exotic saurian eyes of clear amber stared back at her unblinking. Gib and the Tibbar. By the sands, it was familiar but he could not place it.


Starkissed : Lanette Curington :

Not bad, not great. A ladder descended from the side of the ship while a door raised. Dec 05, Melody rated it it was amazing. An injured J’Qhir and Leith must use their combined wits to survive, which is complicated because the Zi are a reptilian like species who start shutting down in cold weather–oh, yeah, and winter is coming.

Apparently, the Zi are a reptilian, arcaic and dangeruos race. True love is inevitable, right?!?! Your display name should be at least 2 characters long.

The mission would be completed to everyone’s satisfaction, which was the important thing. Pretty tame, almost lame inter-species romance.

Of course, Cameron had nothing to do with the cost increase. I read it in 2 days, so that has to mean something. I’m so surprised when there’s actually a plot and a story in a book of this kind.

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