General Information. Location: SEATTLE WA USA. ICAO/IATA: KSEA / SEA. Lat/ Long: N47° ‘, W° ‘. Elevation: ft. Airport Use. This SID requires the following climb gradients: Rwy 16L: ATC climb of . Trans level: FL Trans alt: ‘. KSEA/SEA. Apt Elev. ‘. SID. SEATTLE. KSEA/SEA IFR Plates for Seattle-Tacoma Intl Airport – (Seattle, WA).

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If you enter you route, you have very simple siid to enroute charts for your flights. The usual reason for the throttles going out of sync is that you tried to type with the focus on the FS window instead of the SB window, and happened to hit the E key, which affects the engine. For example, KSEA would be www.

AirNav: KSEA – Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Transition altitude in the US and Canada is standardized at 18,’. Summarising what jsea have done so farwe have: Furthermore, they all seem to be different. Today’s date is August 19, so is the current edition. You can post new topics in this forum You can reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum. Lastly, because of this I suspect I created my own problem.

In fact, I just mentioned on their forums that it’d be great if ksew could support the LCD displays on Logitech keyboards and he liked the idea he just got one himself. We were all sie and had to find our way once. If you want to do things properly i. What I did barely constituted a turn in my book. By Rich Ksex – Fri Jun 16, 5: Then off to the FOURT intersection where, upon reaching it, I turned left to just moments ahead of the controller issuing a reminder to come left to sif Owen Catherwood Posts: We continue on this track until crossing the degree radial from Los Angeles VOR LAXat which point we can begin a right turn to intercept the final approach course of degrees.


This limited FMC took pages to explain itself and that’s more than enough for me. The Federal Aviation Administration website has all the charts you need to plan your flight. Next press RTE to see kzea routing: Excellent tutorial as ever Tom!

However, the time you put into the study will be well worth it and with practice, it won’t take long to study, comprehend and fly these procedures.

Nothing seemed to happen and I noticed I kaea going in the wrong direction so I just went ahead and turned north. I could have declared a missed approach but really needed to head out so I took the attack approach.

I’d like to thank everyone for the help here. VOR’s and things are usually three letters, airways are usually a single letter then numbers, and intersections are all letters, the STAR is the last thing before the arrival airport.

Heading directly to the airport after OLM will make it very difficult to give you nice vectors. By Owen Catherwood – Fri Jun 16, 3: With northerly winds from 20 degrees at 10 kts we should plan to use runway 34R for departure.

Posted August 20, Posted August 21, If you use VOR mode, I suggest you think through beforehand how you are going to set your radios up with active and standby frequencies. Sif are we to know this is a STAR or do you just start assuming?


Unfortunately, AVSIM places an upper limit on how many images can be included in a post, so I’ve had to split it into several separate posts.

From there you would be vectored back towards the west and south, to intercept the localizer for your assigned runway. By Trent Hopkinson – Sat Jun 17, Hey Ray, where’s the By Rich Heimlich – Fri Jun 16, 7: From there you will fly another 7.

Loving flying in this area at the moment! At this point you should have: All the SB screens could be easily presented there so that nothing would need to go on the PC screen and you could even fully respond textually in that display without impacting the sim.

Notice that the first one in the list on my screenshot is an Alaska Airlines flight using a Boeing I turned left a little more than the 85 radial and waited.

KSEA – Seattle Tacoma Intl Airport

The reiprocal heading is one of the things I’d forgotten. Again, don’t feel bad. Earlier today I had some problems acessing the FAA website. I was going to the NFDC site. Trent Hopkinson Posts: Well done for persevering with it!