Editorial Reviews. Review. “Tucker relentlessly ups the erotic ante with every encounter Ten Tiny Breaths: A Novel (The Ten Tiny Breaths Series Book 1) – Kindle edition by K.A. Tucker. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device , PC. Ten Tiny Breaths (5 Book Series) by K.A. Tucker. All Formats Kindle Edition. From Book 1: Just breathe, Kacey. Ten tiny breaths. Seize them. Feel them. Ten Tiny Breaths follows Kasey’s journey as she goes through the stages of her life, healing from trauma, finding forgiveness for unimaginable.

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Almost everyone I’m friends with on GRs gave it 4 stars or higher Livie drops to her knees to meet Mia face to face, a giant grin stretching her lips.

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Ten Tiny Breaths

Actually, I prefer to enter a book with little to no expectations. We need this scene!!! We’ll go hang gliding, or bungee jumping or whatever you want to do. You just sink right into every word you read.

It was hard to read at times and I did not see the ending coming, which is rare for me. Find all of my reviews at: I’ve been there too.

And I realize that I want Trent to touch me. It’s big and strong and it envelops mine. Storm, however, turns out to be a struggling single mom, running from an abusive ex-husband and trying to make ends meet by working as a rather acrobatic stripper. But it’s a lesson everyone needs to learn. What blew my mind was that this book was a fast paced easy read despite the trauma, heartache, loss, and pain.

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Then, Trent asked her: She was so helpful with getting Kacey a decent paying job and making sure etn and Livie were taken care of. Vegeance is not the most important thing in our lives. View all 39 comments. Steamy romance and quirky supporting characters make this an appealing start to the series. I felt sick with some of the apologetic bargaining that Kacey’s therapist forced her through. The Asian stripper was shamed because of a certain way she could move her body and that had the underlying subtext of denouncing herwhile a Native American stripper is shamed in a manner by doing a version of a “rain dance” when she’s nearly naked.

He has his own past full of secrets, and he tries to open Kacey to help her cope with her past. After a scare in her apartment and Trent comes to the rescue Kacey thinks things are heating up between her and her sexy neighbor. Violence and a hard exterior were her only defense mechanism and hreaths used them permanently.

K.A. Tucker (Author of Ten Tiny Breaths)

Kacey is no longer the outgoing, funny, flirty and friendly girl she was at You truly FEEL the story. See you around GR! Feb 02, Kacey is fine keeping that shit buried deep! Martin author of A Game of Princess Mia has been awaiting your presence. And that is exactly what Kacey does every time she feels like the world has fallen form underneath her feet and she just can’t breath any more Caring fucker these characters helped tuccker this such a fast read. They moved to a new town. Swallowing hard, I let my entire hand skate over his.


This just wasn’t fucker well. It didn’t detract from the emotional connection, but I do wish they had been just a little more present even still within the lines of NA. Wow, I am still in awe of this book. Thanks for the add, xoxo: May 25, Colleen Hoover rated it it was amazing.

Because it will affect you. It was like a secondary character orgy.

USA Today Bestselling Author | K.A. Tucker

And that is not all She refused to get help on her PTSD and she almost destroy herself by doing drugs, drinking alcohol and having etn as means of coping which are unacceptable to her aunt. Enter Trent Emerson, the guy next door.

Ten tiny breaths are defiantly not going to make things better. Trent is so hot and adorable!!

Ten Tiny Breaths is about This book teaches us not to dwell on the past, move on