This Japanese literature collection contains four translated stories from two of Japan’s most beloved and acclaimed fiction Izu Dancer, Yasunari. The Izu Dancer & Other Stories [Yasunari Kawabata, Yasushi Inoue] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Japanese novel. The Izu Dancer. Yasunari Kawabata. 14 June April first Japanese to receive Noble prize in Literature. Kawabata’s books have.

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Dead leaves laid it over with a slippery coating. Chiyoko hummed a song, softly, lazily. I went up behind the rest to an attic-like room on the second floor.

The dancer shrugged her shoulders and ran back, laughing as dancdr to say that she would be scolded if she came any nearer. He served as the 4th President of The Japan P. Izu no odoriko 7.

Izu no odoriko () – IMDb

If she is right, I said to myself, then the dancing girl will stay in my room tonight. Hideki Takahashi, the handsome actor playing the student, was 18 when he made this, just about the right age. Use the HTML below. Abasute and The Full Moon both explore themes of separation, daancer, and isolation.

My anguish of last night no longer seemed very real. L INED on one side by a white fence, the road twisted down from the mouth of the tunnel like a streak of lightning. Down the highway, sending up columns of smoke here and there, were the fires of the charcoalmakers.


A few minutes later the old woman who kept the tea-house led me to another room, one apparently not much used.

One small figure ran out into the sunlight and stood for a moment at the edge of the platform calling something to us, arms raised as though for a plunge into the river. I’ve never seen or heard anyone else like her.

A Dancef at Grandpa’s Written in the first person by the student, the story comes off as a wistful reminiscence of a youthful travel made pleasant by the attention received from a rare beauty.

I was suddenly lonesome. vancer

At the mouth of the river a beach opened wide and white. He is sheltered by a prostitute and sought after by the police, but only after ten years his true motivation unravels.

A Fugitive from the Past There was a sunny, airy quality to the look and feel of that film and a more optimistic tone. She talked artlessly on as the memories of her friends came back to her.

Presently the man came by and we walked out to a pleasant bridge not far from town. The man had a large wicker trunk strapped to his back.

An hour or so later they all went down for a bath. The other versions I’ve seen are all live-action and include two feature films and and a minute TV drama made in as part of a 3-part special called “Shinshun!


We looked out izy the sea at the morning sun, warming our mountain valley. I was hardly prepared for confusion so extreme. The older woman held a puppy in her arms, the two young women carried bundles, and the girl had her drum and its frame. An hour or so later the man took me to another inn. They were obviously talking about my crooked teeth. I sat rigid, more and more on edge, staring out through the open shutters.


This subplot is reworked in the subsequent live-action versions, but is not in the original story at all. My mind danced off after them as though their departure had given it license.

Izu Dancer and Other Stories

I had also just seen the film starring Sayuri Yoshinaga also reviewed on this sitewhich was made by the same filmmaker and on which this version was closely modeled, complete with long dialogue scenes and subplots designed to pad out the story to feature-film length. We were to leave Yugano at eight the next morning.

The others fell behind, until presently I could only hear their voices through the trees; but the dancer, skirts tucked high, came after me with tiny little steps. Now and then she would nod a quick little nod, always before I had finished speaking.