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BS ISO Graphical symbols. Test methods. Method for testing perceptual quality. standard by British Standard / International. This part of ISO specifies a method for testing the perceptual quality of graphical symbols, to verify that the elements that constitute a graphical symbol are. Purchase your copy of BS ISO as a PDF download or hard copy directly from the official BSI Shop. All BSI British Standards.

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Risku describe that in the comprehensibility judgement test [Siebenhandl and Risku, a] a total of variants were tested during the uso judgement test for 33 referents. As well as a standard on performance and durability ISO The procedures describe two testing methods, the comprehensibility judgement test and the comprehension test.


The universal language of good, standardized graphical symbols is therefore a strong potential boon for citizens everywhere. Paint and colour industries We wish you a pleasant end-of-year holiday. In a second step the answers are classified by 3 independently working judges into several categories, ranging from “Correct understanding of the symbol is certain” to “No response 918-62 given”.

This project has covered various types of symbols, such as beach safety flags. This wide and disparate group of graphical symbols still has to conform to design rules, but in this case, the purely visual representation of the intended image is not always the main criterion. Similar to the comprehensibility judgement test, there are threshold values given, to determine which variants may be accepted as a standardized graphical symbol.


The test indicated that more symbolic pictograms like “City Center” or “Obstacles on the Road” are less likely to be comprehended, than sign containing elemental objects like “Ferry Boat”, or “Deer on Road”. They are there to inform and guide, sometimes to warn, but always constituting an aid for us, as we go about our daily business. Glass and ceramics industries The example project 9186–2 that the comprehensibility of the graphical symbols need to be evaluated in order to know how comprehensive those are, even if designed by professionals.

A final cautionary thought: The standard defines how to calculate a score for each variant. The standard defines different thresholds for the mean and median values of the judgements given by the respondents.

The respondents’ task is to judge the comprehensibility of each variant, giving the percentage of people in their country, who they would expect to interpret the symbol correctly. It is an exciting time for the committee, as new standards are being published and its work is spreading into new fields. This page was last edited The method for selecting the most comprehensible variants out of big range of graphical 91886-2.

BS ISO – Graphical symbols. Test methods. Method for testing perceptual quality

ISO and ISO use the same graphical images for people and objects, and ieo based on the premise that a symbol should be readily associated with its intended meaning.

Methods for testing comprehensibility. To help those needing to display flags and signs, ISOWater safety signs and beach safety flags – Part 3: It is regularly updated, due to the strong demand from all sectors of the community for clear and helpful signs.


Symbols cannot solve all problems! Graphical symbols intended to be displayed on variable message signs have been evaluated applying the ISO 1986-2.


There are many reasons uso this, including the fact that the user groups are more frequently part of a trained workforce, and that the graphical symbols have to be reproduced in a much smaller size. The committee has very active working groups supported by experts from all over the world. This also helps to ensure that the signs are used correctly, and will be of value when searching the ISO database that is currently isk developed.

Domestic and commercial equipment. Shipping Delivery Order tracking Returns.

Layout planswhich will form part of a suite of standards covering signage and wayfinding issues, thus extending the scope of the committee’s work. The international standard ISO Shipbuilding and marine structures Rubber and plastic industries The committee also keeps close links with international organizations such as the World Tourism Organization.

Mechanical systems and components for general use In fact, we come across graphical symbols in just about every human activity. The method for evaluating how well the graphical symbol communicates its intended message.