alone, the IMO MODU Code alone, or a combination of these regulations. sections of the ABS MODU Rules, the IMO MODU Code and. CFR Section(s). Standards Body: e. IMO Resolution A Code for the Construction and. Equipment of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units. (MODU Code). 46 CFR. Online Shop | IMO Publications | Marine Technology | MODU Code, Consolidated Free UK delivery on MODU Code, Consolidated Edition.

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The information should be referenced in the operating manual, readily identified, located in an easily accessible place on the unit and be available at all times Permanente link It should include plans showing the location and extent of application of different grades and strengths of materials, together with a description of the materials and welding procedures employed and any other relevant construction information.

Extra care should be given to the detailed weight calculation and comparison with the original unit of a series of column-stabilized, semisubmersible types as these, even though identical by design, are recognized as being unlikely to attain an acceptable similarity of weight or mdou of gravity to warrant a waiver of the inclining test.

Subject to section The accessibility of this position in the event of a fire in the spaces served should be codw considered. In corridor bulkheads, ventilation openings may be permitted only in and under the doors of cabins, public spaces, offices and sanitary spaces. In spaces where penetration of oil products is possible, the surfaces of the insulation should be impervious to oil or oil vapours.

These tests should be witnessed and verified by an officer vode the Administration or a duly authorized person or organization.

Positive means of closure should be provided at watertight boundaries to preclude the progressive flooding of other spaces which are intended to be intact. Zoeken op tekst Zoeken.

MODU Code ( Edition) – Maritime publications

Particular consideration should be given to protection against fire and flooding. The selection of welds for testing and the methods utilized should be to the satisfaction of the Administration.

They survey should be such as to ensure that the necessary repairs or renewals coed been effectively made, that the material and workmanship of such repairs or renewals are in all respects satisfactory, and that the unit complies in all respects with the requirements of the Code. Self-elevating and column-stabilized units coe However, the Administration may, having regard to the output or any other features of any boiler or unfired steam generator, permit only one safety valve to be fitted if it is satisfied that adequate protection against overpressure is provided.


Chapter 02 Construction, strength and materials Ingangsdatum: This publication supersedes the edition and contains a consolidated text of the MODU Code and the and amendments. When such a freeboard is assigned, seasonal marks above the centre of the ring should not be marked and any seasonal marks below the centre of the ring should be marked. If questions are raised regarding the content, the original version of the regulatory framework as published through the official channels imoo.

Each muster station should have sufficient space to accommodate all persons assigned to muster at that station. This liferaft may be a special liferaft intended for training purposes only, which is not part of the unit’s life-saving equipment; such a special liferaft should be conspicuously marked. Permanente link Permanente link Chapter 10 Life-saving appliances Ingangsdatum: The Administration may permit deviation from these angles, taking into consideration the type, size and service conditions of the unit.

Permanente link Permanente link Chapter 02 Construction, strength and materials Ingangsdatum: Means should be provided which will prevent overpressure in any part of the feedwater system. Alternatively, Administrations may permit controlled gravity ballasting. A record of these tests and other information concerning initial certification should be readily available. Compartments not provided with a bilge suction may be drained to other spaces provided with bilge pumping capability.

1989 MODU Code, Consolidated 2001 Edition

Obstacles within the limited obstacle sector are limited to specified heights. The number of signals used should be limited to the following: Lesser distances above or below the draughts may be applied to the satisfaction of the Administration, taking into account the actual operating conditions.

The new Civil Service Yearbook 54th Edition now available. Chapter 01 General Ingangsdatum: In such cases a unit imp be subject to a bow height requirement which may not always be possible to achieve. Minimization of hazardous substances in design and construction e. IV “Guidelines on the evaluation of fire hazard properties of materials”; A.

This design analysis should be to the satisfaction of the Administration. Shutdown of the propulsion core should not be coe activated except in cases which could lead to serious damage, complete breakdown, or explosion. Analyse the role of the offshore surveyor in relation to clients, insurance companies and oil majors, cargo, classification societies and regulatory bodies. If a full muster, drill or training session is not held at the appointed time, an nodu should be made in the log-book stating the circumstances and the extent of the muster, drill or training session held Permanente link Where automatically controlled bilge pumps are provided special attention should be given to oil pollution prevention requirements.


The manuals should be concise and be compiled in such a manner that they are easily understood. However, for purposes of the application of chapter 9, the space where the emergency source of power is ,odu is not considered as being a control station.

Further amendments were adopted in Mayto introduce the Harmonized System of Survey and Certification Codde into the Code, provide guidelines for vessels with dynamic positioning systems and introduce provisions for helicopter facilities. Consideration should be given to providing a means of communication to any other positions from which the engines may be controlled.

The net should be inclined upward and outwards from below the edge of the helideck to a horizontal umo of 1. The Administration may, however, entrust the inspections and surveys either to surveyors nominated for the purpose or the organizations recognized by it. A copy of the approved continuous survey programme, together with the record of the surveys, should be retained on board the unit and the Certificate issued in accordance with 1.

The Administration may require a structural analysis showing satisfactory protection against overall collapse of the unit after such an assumed failure when exposed to environmental loading corresponding to a one-year return period for the intended area of operation. They need meet neither requirements relative to the passage of smoke and flame nor limitations relative to the temperature rise.

cdoe Sanitary, ballast and general service pumps may be accepted as independent power bilge pumps if fitted with the necessary connections to the bilge pumping system. Lifebuoys with lights and those with lights and smoke signals should be equally distributed on both sides of the unit and should not be the lifebuoys provided with lifelines in compliance with the requirements of The main steering gear and rudder stock should be so designed that they will not be damaged at maximum astern speed but this design requirement need not be proved by trials at maximum astern speed and maximum rudder angle.

Visual means should be provided to indicate when the override has been activated. However, the Administration may entrust this function to certifying authorities nominated for this purpose or to organizations recognized by it.