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I looked for the Form online (IMM ), but am unable to download it. How do I obtain Copy 1 of Medical Report – Client Biodata and Summary. (DISPONIBLE EN FRANÇAIS – IMM F (INTERNET)). HAVE YOU EVER HAD or NEEDED: Intended length of stay: B. 1. APPLICANT (or guardian) to. CIC’s Medical Report forms are the IMM (Medical Report Section A) and the . IMM (Medical Report Sections B, C, D and E). CIC’s Immigration and.

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They must undergo their IME within 30 days following their claim for refugee status. They should contact their regional medical office for restocking. IMA Immigration medical assessment, i. Panel members should inform CIC of the official language they prefer to use in correspondence. Breast examination where clinically indicated Normal Abnormal The panel physician must enter the height in cm and the weight in kg above.

Information is outdated or wrong. Clients are responsible for paying all fees and costs associated with their IME.

Issuing instructions for medical examinations

The Panel Physician will select the appropriate immigration category during the immigration medical examination. The number of panel members required may change in response to the local demand for IMEs. If a panel member is completing a paper-based IME that must be mailed to the RMO, he or she should discuss the method and cost of sending the documents with the client beforehand.

For personal and program integrity, they must enter leave dates directly in their personal record. This decision is final. Grade A indicates that there are no abnormal findings present and no significant abnormal history.


Panel member A general term that refers to a panel physician, panel radiologist or panel laboratories or specialists authorized by CIC to perform IME-related activities. Panel members should help prevent fraud by educating their staff on procedures used inm verify client identity refer to Section 4.

Subsection 8 1 states that the government institution shall not disclose personal information without the consent of the individual to whom the information relates except under the circumstances provided under subsection 8 2. Am I required to have the exam done prior to entering the country, or will an immigration officer instruct me to get one and then assign me an IME number?

The termination of a panel member will automatically cancel prior approvals of a locum for this panel imk. Panel physicians must arrange for immediate referral for TB investigation. For refugee claimants in Canada, select the category family EDE, and scan and attach the document provided by the client. The medical history may be completed by the client or the clinic staff.

The panel radiologist declaration confirms the following: The RMO issues a client letter with instructions to return to the panel physician and also provides the client with a sealed letter for the panel physician along with detailed instructions for further investigations. The RMO issues a client letter with instructions to return to a panel physician for further investigations.

Prior to the changes, all immigration medical examinations were completed using a paper-based system. Paper-based Panel Clinics The panel radiologist provides the general and special findings immm grades the digital chest x-rays or film using the proper form.

Thank you for your question. IME Immigration medical examination: Panel physicians should not refuse to examine these clients. In all cases, the online version of the Handbook will be the most current and 5149 the version that should be consulted.


Where necessary to establish compliance with the IRPA and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulationsclients will be asked to undergo further medical examinations.

New immigration medical examination process in effect as of November 1st

Grade A indicates that there is no evidence of active TB or changes suggestive of other significant diseases identified. CIC requires the following information:. Significant means that a finding has a current or potential health impact. Fees will reflect local conditions and service charges.

Issuing instructions for medical examinations –

The following table lists the additional requirements when the answers to physical examination questions show abnormality, whether the IME is completed in eMedical or on paper. VO Visa office, where immigration and other applications are processed.

Differences between the paper process and the eMedical process have been pointed out throughout this document. The panel radiologist or authorized radiology support staff enter the general and special findings in the eMedical system. Once CIC has designated a laboratory in your area, panel physicians will be required to use this facility.

Claimants making their claims at an inland CIC office will be able to create a file in GCMS and have medical instructions issued normally. Comments should not be included for A-grade chest x-rays. Cancer or malignancy in the last 5 years No Yes 8. I asked him what is that… and his only response is that it was implemented this month of November and I 4519 no clue what he is talking about.