Humedica MinedShare® Chosen by HealthEast Care System to Support ACO and Patient Centered Medical Home Initiatives. Sep 14, Humedica MinedShare analytics will also provide robust metrics to help health professionals at BQA better understand population health. The company’s key clinical analytics solution, Humedica MinedShare, is an integrated platform that combines retrospective analytic capabilities.

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So even during this podcast, in the time that we humedicca this conversation, at least one more person will have become HIV positive. Each segment being tracked is scored and totaled against a larger dollar target for the provider organization.

They just had a hypertension collaborative, they are rolling out a diabetes collaborative, which is our first disease area for them.

They all have a huge opportunity when people come into the emergency room or their general office to encourage HIV testing. On the broader question of what role different players can have, regardless of whether a community is part of Positive Charge or not, there are a couple of really key constituents. We are exploring a variety of himedica opportunities right now, related to the comparative effectiveness research, and with our partners, both BBN Technologies and Anceta, as well as some of the participating medical groups from the AMGA.

They all have an opportunity to include HIV testing in their work. We will explore and seek grants from the comparative effectiveness research activities that are ongoing. Similarly, on the hospital side, there are roughly 5, plus hospitals in this country, mibedshare roughly 3, of those 5, are part of a chain, a larger aggregation of hospitals, ranging from small hospital chains to very large minedshaare chains.

The payer’s initial P4P program morphed into PHM, says Armstrong, minedxhare it began looking at both quality and efficiency measures and establishing targets for physicians treating specific patient populations within the plan, such as diabetics. If it happens to be rural African American women in Alabama, then we would expect that the issues in Alabama would be different than L. Doctors working for the Albany, Ga.

Wilmington Health Uses New Technology to Improve Quality and Reduce Costs

Our numedica purpose is to marshal resources from corporations, foundations and individuals and direct those resources out to the communities and programs that are most impacted by HIV and AIDS. We will always be incredibly focused on providers because they are the foundation for this business through the perspective of the asset formation required to claim the other markets.


It reminds everybody at least once a year that there are 1. What mineeshare things look like in say five to seven years if you achieve your growth plan? Text APPT to to make an appointment.

We look forward to keeping you posted as we move forward. The same can happen in health care, he says. There are approximately 1. But in fact, what we learned from people living with HIV is that while those factors do influence a small number of people, the vast majority of people living with HIV who are not in care actually reported that it was more of the societal matters; things like they were afraid to disclose their status.

Is that a bad thing? Some of them certainly humedicx, but it varies from one person to another what side effects they might experience. What kind of an impact?

The ability to aggregate data between the payer and the provider helps drive better treatment and results. What is the impact of a day like that? What Anceta and AMGA saw in us is a pure play — an organization whose sole mission was percent aligned with their objective, as opposed to something that was a stretch or another division.

Seeking ROI Via Population Health Management | HealthLeaders Media

The university has been working with QualChoice to improve the community’s overall health through PHM. Potentially substance use and that kind of thing as well, but mostly the societal things around fear, stigma, and discrimination surrounding HIV. Our business plan is to build a formidable data asset. Is there a dollar figure or a time frame that you can discuss in relation to that? Gradually people transitioned away from the farm and food became much more affordable as the program rolled out.

Provider payments are based on practice results that are scored against the predetermined metrics. Because people are afraid of discrimination due to HIV, they may not choose to come out and get tested. Moreover, the payer must accurately identify the population in order to manage by acuity as well as understand the true cost of care for these individuals to the overall system.


Those are all on the list, but from humexica entrepreneurial perspective, and optimal allocation of capital, we want to pick three things and do minrdshare really well before we take on the next three.

The other important thing to note is that EMR penetration in the provider world is roughly 20 percent. The humedicz of Positive Charge is to be a game changer.

Humedica MinedShare will serve as its unified solution, integrating to Wilmington Health’s long-established Electronic Medical Record EMR system and providing the medical group with a common platform to consistently monitor patient treatment, clinical outcomes, and resource utilization at the clinic and individual physician level.

He points out that agriculture used to consume 40 percent of household income and that it was overly labor intensive, small-scale and inefficient.

Health Business Blog

With the laying of the piping we believe the data that flows through it will be highly valuable. Williams share his views. Hhumedica we hope will come out of this survey is that health care providers will begin to better understand what the real barriers are and then can work with an AIDS service organization and other social service providers to help break down those barriers that can and help get people minedehare treatment and keep them there.

Through cutting-edge analytics, Humedica connects patient information across varied medical settings and time periods to generate a truly longitudinal and comprehensive view of patient care. Positive Charge is designed to target 13 really highly impacted communities across the country that have significant populations of people living with HIV and where some of the estimates of people who are minedshzre in care are most significant.

I would have guessed that there was more balance at the outset between the customer types.