Hanjin Shipping Bill of Lading Tracking – Track & Trace the current location & arrival time of Hanjin Tracking by Bill of Lading. keep Hanjin Tracking by Bill of. Hanjin Shipping website contains useful and updated information on vessel status, Hanjin Shipping Cargo Tracking Search Form: Use your Bill of Lading. On 31 August, it was reported that Hanjin Shipping filed for bankruptcy or the confirming bank of a letter of credit where a Hanjin bill of lading is presented.

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Prior to the advent of containers, international cargo was handled more or less piecemeal by the ocean carrier and inland carriers. By contrast, the Carmack Amendment governs domestic inland transportation under a domestic bill of lading.

Hanjin Shipping Line Update | September – mainfreight

Future handling of transit vessels is normally determined by the commitment of an entity to manage these costs Subject to existing debts If the container arrived into port on a Hanjin Vessel, has been discharged already and was slot chartered through another carrier it is expected that container will be released.

Orient Overseas Containers Lines, F. The container was taken to O’Hare Services, and the Customs examination took place on August 26, Indemnity argues that Hanjin lwding liable under the Carmack Amendment, but that contention is foreclosed by Seventh Circuit case law.

In promoting these twin goals, federal courts have held that the Carmack Amendment generally pre-empts both state and federal common law claims that would otherwise fall within its parameters.

Congress has not made a specific grant of authority to the courts to develop substantive law on interstate carriage of goods. Defendant Fritz Companies acted as the Customs Broker for the shipment.


As Indemnity implies, the Carmack Amendment is the closest federal statute to covering Indemnity’s loss, as it governs inland ground transit. The goods arrived in Chicago kf August 10, Other cases have not found federal common law claims, or have done so only after thorough review of the applicable federal statutory and regulatory schemes, together with careful limitations on judicial lawmaking.

Standing alone, however, the existence of a unique federal interest is insufficient for finding a federal common law claim for relief.

Hanjin Shipping

Instead the courts analyzed the issues in terms of express jurisdictional grants, such as diversity of citizenship, federal statutes, or admiralty. See Musson Theatrical, Inc. The court has jurisdiction over the supplemental claims if the pleadings present a substantial federal claim.

It was not unusual for a shipper to enter into separate contracts with each of the carriers, and the law developed to reflect that type of segmented transit. The short term ramifications have already been felt and we have seen the following scenarios emerge over the last 24 hours.

Indemnity Ins. of North America v. Hanjin Shipping, F. Supp. 2d (N.D. Ill. ) :: Justia

Atlas Van Lines, Inc. There were no other bills of lading, laeing or foreign, issued for the transit. A problem arises when an ocean carrier issues a foreign through bill of lading for goods imported into the United States, because there is no federal statute that governs the liability of the ocean carrier. The Carmack Amendment is limited to situations where a domestic bill of lading is issued ladinf govern domestic transportation. Federal Question and Supplemental Jurisdiction: With the use of a container, there is no need to re-stow cargo from ship to train to truck.

This jurisdiction is limited to contracts that are “wholly maritime.

Indemnity argues that federal common law fills in any statutory gaps of the Carmack Amendment and permits it to recover against Hanjin. Pf case arose out of the loss of a cargo of power tools that were shipped from China to the United States.


Majors Jewelers, F. Therefore, the court must determine if there is a “unique federal interest” that justifies fashioning a judicial claim for relief. July 23, disagreeing with King Ocean Central America. Even if the contract were severable into sea and land based segments, the loss occurred during inland transit. After careful review, the court finds that the parties have missed the mark.

The court recognizes that applying state law to through bills of lading may lead to some inconsistency or non-uniformity that runs ladingg the expressed intent of Congress. The only facts the court are sure of is that delivery is a significant part of the performance of the nanjin, and that delivery was to occur in Indiana.

Indemnity Ins. of North America v. Hanjin Shipping, 206 F. Supp. 2d 927 (N.D. Ill. 2002)

Release timeframes are unknown at this stage. Nevertheless, the court continues with the analysis because of the different outcomes reached by other courts in interstate commerce cases. Some cases easily find that federal common law will fill in “statutory gaps” in carriage of goods cases.

In this case, the bill of lading called for discharge from the vessel in Long Beach, California and delivery in North Vernon, Indiana, an overland distance of over 2, miles. Prior to trial, Indemnity voluntarily dismissed its claim against Fritz.

It is not unusual for the Ports to laxing storage on these containers in this situation.