You can find them at ) As I read this book written by Gingery, I noticed that the molds were machined with a lathe and made from aluminum. The general agreement here is that the gingery lathe is a POS, and that you should only build one for practice, not for actually using it. ive been a member here for some time mostly just reading and now this section has been added i may be able to contribute. this is my casting project. i.

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I mean, if I can do it anyone can.

Building a Gingery Lathe

If they ask who sent you, just tell them it was one of those mad scientist people. If cast iron in those volumes is out of your league it shouldn’t be, it’s not that hard to do with a good oilburner and good refractorythen you could look into other alloys, such as a leaded brass or a ZA series alloy. Here are the bearings. Why are there no risers? Also, you mentioned “beefing” up the patterns would this still be needed with the cast iron?

For the second, you can recast and re-bore them whenever you want. Gingery Lathe Re-hashed Hi all, As summer approaches I’ll have a lot more time on my hands and I’ve been wanting a lathe for a long time.

The lathe is the first machine built since it can be used to help build itself. View post on imgur. You will also understand how to design patterns and have some ability to predict where you will need risers when making a new part. Education How making is transforming learning.


As far as the Gingery lathe goes it might make a good tool to do model making type work where your cutting soft material such as wood, plastic, and aluminum.

Latje thumbed through my Gingery collection, and yes, the shaper and mill fall victim to pretty much the same problems. So one day I decided I was going to build the Gingery lathe and learn what all this lathhe business was about.

The hobbyist starts by constructing a small foundry capable of melting silicon — aluminum and zinc alloys from recycled automotive parts.

No doubt you are seeing that tape. Once I built the furnace and discovered that I could actually melt metal with it, I was hooked. This article includes a list of referencesrelated reading or external linksbut its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations.

Gingery-style homemade metal lathe builds

I found a book on the subject from Lindsay Books. My problem has been my sloppy manufacturing and slipping drive belts and pulleys. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Brass usually sets the machine to chattering. My question is, what are the specific issues with the Gingery lathe and how could we fix those issues? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I need to stop, or you will think that Lionel is paying me to advertise his book.


My hobby had to support itself and it didn’t have a lathe in its budget. Scrap aluminum was used for melting stock. This article is an lathheas no other articles link to it.

All but the most recent prints gigery the series still looked like photocopies of typewritten documents with photos glued on. Proper aluminum alloys are soft, light and strong with poor vibration damping and good workability, and poor alloys pop can alloy, for example, or some contaminated mixed alloys are soft, light, potentially relatively weak, have poor damping and poor workability.

I ordered his booklet entitled build a gungery crucible furnace. The problem I have with it, other than the fact that real surface plates are readily available, is that plate glass isn’t stiff enough to maintain accuracy. The books in the series are, in the suggested sequence of. Then I noticed something.

Building the Gingery Lathe

You might also like these newsletters: You can find them laths www. Does this POSness extend and to what degree to the other Gingery projects ie. Also if you, as you mention, beef the machine up a bit but still use Al what sort of bad side effects are you going to have, lack of accuracy?