The Age of Fallibility has ratings and 18 reviews. Zach said: I had never heard of George Soros until I read an editorial he sent in to the Wall Stre. The Age of Fallibility. George Soros, June 26, Tyranny, violence, ignorance , and arrogance: The celebrated financier and bestselling author takes on the. George Soros: The Age of Fallibility – Consequences of the War on Terror. Public Affairs, New York, Soros considers himself a stateless statesman who is.

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It challenges the hegemonic attitudes that have prevailed for most of the century. When he says that democracy will prevail, he really means that America will prevail. India, for instance, is not really an open society anymore. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Soros correctly speculated that the British government would have to devalue the pound sterling. Is there an opposite to the Midas Touch?

His thought processes are unnecessarily cumbersome to understand. A very good read. If you like the political writings of Chomsky or Vidal, Berman’s “Twilight of the American Culture”, Stiglitz’s “Globalization and its Discontents”, or are in any way troubled by the disconnect between what Bush says and what he accomplishes There is always room for improvement. I respect him for having passion for his causes and putting his money where his mouth is.

In the second part of his book, Mr Sorros tried to elaborate his concept and he stresses much thing that not rational on our era especially on the way USA mistreat other country. It now reads, to me, a bit like Hitler’s Mein Kampf – a book I have read to about the half-way point. Consequences of the War on Terror by George Soros. Offers a different view of the world, one that’s held by a small minority of the citizens of Earth.

The Age of Fallibility: Consequences of the War on Terror

A second reading might be necessary to grasp a deeper understanding. We can only solve these problems with global cooperation.


Soros has been piloried by bombastic conservative and timid Americans alike. I’m not especially well placed to rate this in terms of academic content of originality; I never studied philosophy or politics, though I have been a practitioner of the latter, and I did scrape a little below the surface of the philosophy of science back doros my historian days.

To say that George Soros is anti-American is just silly. In Soros spent millions to make sure George Bush was not re-elected.

The problems we face are truly daunting, and the combination of political instability, environmental crisis, and energy needs may lead to a perfect storm of global chaos. Erik Moore rated it really liked it Oct 06, First, I have developed a conceptual framework that has given me a certain understanding of history, and, in particular, what I call far-from-equilibrium situations; second, I have a set of firm ethical and political beliefs; http: Soros started out as a philosopher, moved on to make his fortune, and since then has used that money to become an inspired and truly impressive soross.

Refresh and try again. Sadly being highly successful financially does fallibiilty mean such a person can write a good book! George Soros should not write in English. It is all well and good Mr. I hhe get the impression that he does walk the geogge. On Open society, he said, an open society is an unperfect society which keep itself open to improvement. What really caught me by surprise appears on page Be the first to ask a question about The Age of Fallibility.

The book was helpful in giving me insight into the thinking of George Soros. It was shocking to read how George Soros has no compunction about using his billions to create political global change. Also, I do like the manner in which George Soros links his thought to his personal work.

If you like the political writings of Chomsky and Vidal you’ll almost assuredly like this book. Austin Marshburn rated it it was ok Sep 09, However, some more thoughts around the war on terror would have been welcome. He reflects on why the Democrats may fallibiliity lost the afe ground on these values issues and how they might reclaim it. Other than maybe I thought Mr.


The Age of Fallibility: Consequences of the War on Terror by George Soros

But a democratic government needs to gain the backing of the electorate and that is not necessarily the same as the backing of the United States. It is the worst threat for our world and cultures. Most troubling to me, was that Soros himself writing back in didn’t seem convinced that ordinary people would flourish in his Open Society.

I don’t know enough about Russia to follow a lot of the points made there. Isa rated it really liked it Apr 12, Open Preview See a Problem? Pointing out that something can be improved is not the same as being against it. Soros seems to want a world where freewill and dissent are to be encouraged, whilst being content to deny it to those that would argue against him. He thinks that America has difficulties dealing with death and his own shorter time horizon, since he is now seventy-five, is a recurrent theme in the book.

Oct 21, Nicholas Whyte added it. The contradiction became evident in the recent elections in Egypt, and even more in Palestine. May 07, Bob rated it really liked it. Georfe 01, Rajiv Chopra rated it really liked it Shelves: The abstract concepts at the start of the book are interesting and, I think, are valid.

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