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At snaheedan he heard a cry. The original temple had been destroyed and rebuilt a number of times. Their grandfather Harraq, was one of the faithful companions of Ameerul-Momineen. Will you not allow me that privilege? Amru bin Hassan Talee: He was martyred along with the other devotees, offering himself in the way of the Lord. Along with Abdullah bin Zaid-e-Abdi. Lucknow Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

They went to their mother Zainab pbuhto ask for her blessings. The Turkish liberated slave of Harse Madhaji. Muslim bin Katheer al A’waj al Azdi: The ‘Alam’ or the Banner which he held on behalf of the Holy Imam, was the Standard of Islam or shaheedann Truth, which is hoisted by the Shias, popularly during the mourning season of Muharram, and is revered as s the faithful subjects of good Kings as a token of their loyalty to him.

The Martyrs of Karbala. He was a noble personality very much revered and respected by the people. A very pious personality from a group of the Shaheeran tribe, extra-ordinarily brave, faithful and one of the sincere and faithful companions of the Holy Prophet.


The two boys rode out into the battlefield. He came from Kufa and volunteered to be martyred in the way of the Lord. Here is a complete list of the martyrs of Karbala. Amru bin Ha’b Abu Thamama al Sa’idi: Both from Kufa who joined the Holy Imam at Karbala.

After the martyrdom of Amirul-Momineen, he remained attached to Imam Hassan and later after the martyrdom of Imam Hassan, he remained devoted to Husayn. Qais bin Mushir as Saidavi: This page was last edited on 21 Aprilat Yazid bin Maghfal Ja’fi: One of the brothers of Hazrate Abbas, the third son of Ommul Baneen.


Arm bin Quart al Ansari: He was the one who came to the Holy Imam begging most humbly to permit him to get martyred for he wanted to die in the way of the Lord and shaheedab his face to the Holy Prophet on the Day of Judgment. A liberated slave of Amirul-Momineen The Leader of the faithful.

Two sons of Bibi Zainab s. When at Karbala he found that the shxheedan was to martyr the Holy Imam, Hur left the Devil’s forces and joined the Holy Imam, seeking pardon for his previous conduct. Salim the liberated slave of Bani Madinatul Kalbi: Now I am pleased with you that, you have proved your worth and laid down your lives for Truth and pleased God and His Holy Prophet pbuh.


Qasim son of Imam Hassan, Aun and Muhammad, Ganj-e-Shaheedan, Umme Farwa, Hassan-e-Mussanna

Hars bin Amarul Qais-e-Kandi: Shamsabad, Farrukhabad topic Shamsabad is a town and a nagar panchayat in Farrukhabad district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. From the famous ones among the faithful ones among the faithful devotees of the Holy Prophet.

As he arrived by the side of Qasim, about two hundred men had surrounded this child. A well known noble personality in Kufa. One of the devotees of Amirul-Momineen who came for Basra.

When these four person marched towards the camp of the Holy Imam, Hur asked the Holy Imam for permission to stop them from getting near the camp for they were coming from the enemy’s ranks. A famous nobleman of Kufa, and experienced warrior specially selected by Ibne Ziad to command a contingent against Husayn. These three brothers were the devoted companions of Amirul Momineen who were with him in all his expeditions against the infidels and traitors. Salman bin Mazarib bin Qais al Anmari al Bijilli: Muhammad bin Muslim Aqeel: One of the faithful devotees and companions of Amirul-Momineen.

He was the follower of Muslim-bin-Aqeel in Kufa.