FVWM is an ICCCM-compliant multiple virtual desktop window .. it is also possible to manually set a size using the Geometry command. This chapter contains the manual pages for the FVWM Virtual Window With fvwm’s virtual desktop, windows which do not appear on the screen do not actually. Fvwm provides both a large virtual desktop and multiple disjoint desktops which can be used separately or together. The virtual desktop allows you to pretend.

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X trunk — at this time of writing uses FvwmTheme to handle such things. All three kinds of quotes are treated in the same way.

FVWM – Man Page – fvwm

To force that all pending changes are applied immediately, use the UpdateStylesRefresh or RefreshWindow commands. Fvwm has three special functions for initialization: Normally, requests are sent in larger batches to save unnecessary communication.

Modules can be spawned by fvwm at any time during the X session by use of the Module command. The number of title-bar but- tons used depends on which ones have mouse actions bound to them. manua,

With the built-in minimal configuration, dragging mouse button 1 in the frame or side-bars begins a resize operation on the window. Posting menus is meant to ease mouse navigation.

This may modify text placement, icon and window title height, line spacing in menus and FvwmIdentbutton height in some fvwm modules TitleWarp affect if the pointer warps to the menu title when a sub menu is opened or not.

At present, very few languages are supported. It is even possible to destroy itself with DestroyMenu and the mahual from scratch. If the menu-name not the label contains a sub-string which is set off by at signs ‘ ‘then the text between them is expected to be the name of an image file to draw along the left manuak of the menu a side pixmap. In addition to scrolling around the virtual desktop by binding the Scroll command to appropriate keys, PopupMoveResizeand any other command can be bound to keys.


The formats for the two purposes differ slightly. FakeClick depth 2 press 1 wait release 1 This simulates a click with button 1 in the parent window depth 2 with a delay of milliseconds between the press and the release. Holding down the Shift key causes the pointer movement to go in larger steps and holding down the control key causes the pointer movement to go in smaller steps.

FVWM Cookbook FAQ

The modifier is set for any further button events. Setting this value to disables this kind of automatic popups altogether.

Bitstream Cyberbit” or equivalently “xft: Modules can be short lived transient programs, or, like GoodStuff, can be intended to remain for the duration of the X session. To achieve the same functionality you can use the Read or PipeRead command instead. When the anim option is given, sub menus that do not fit on the screen cause the parent menu to be shifted to the left so the sub menu can be seen.

The continual duplication of the “Exec exec” lines for the same program but with different parameters can be smartened up into a function call:.

ImagePath path Specifies a colon separated list of directories in which to search for images both monochrome and pixmap. The command default-action is invoked if the user clicks a button to invoke the menu and releases it immediately again or hits the key rapidly twice if the menu is bound to a key.

Tear off menus or Pin up menus are menus from either of the above two commands that have been “torn off” their original context and pinned on the desktop like a normal window.

Note that you can change this format with the ItemFormat option of the MenuStyle command.

To move the window relative to its current location, add a trailing ‘ w ‘. Several distinct desktops can be accessed concept: With the opposite option PopdownDelayed the sub menu only pops down after the time specified with the PopdownDelay option. The window is moved to where it would have been if it were a new window that had just appeared. The m by n size i. When animation is on, sub menus that do not fit on the screen cause the parent menu to be shifted to the left so the sub menu can be seen.


An invalid or manial hot-spot is placed in the center of the image. By default this option is turned on.

FVWM Audio Client Manual Page

Additionally, if the menu is too long to fit on the screen, the excess mabual items are put in a continuation menu and a sub menu with the string “More FakeClick [ command value ] You may need to quit on each screen to quit from the X session completely.

The easiest way is to use a flat-file that just stores a list of window names or classes. The default direction is BottomRight. Again, some applications have options to specify a given color limit.

FVWM Documentation

Please refer to the Current command for details. Titles can be used within the menu.

Turn hilighting of the active menu item other than foreground color off: If there are actions other than immediate ones, fvwm will wait to see if the user is clicking, double-clicking or dragging the mouse. MenuStyle stylename options Sets a new menu style or changes a previously defined style. Using an illegal value reverts the border width to the default. It can be difficult to find the font, fgfgsh and bg colors to make this effect look good, but it can look quite good.

If arg1 is non zero then the next layer is the current layer number plus arg1.