FMC Technologies is a market leader in supplying thermal wellhead systems for heavy oil applications. Technology developed in Canada over the past 25 years . Rated for working pressures to 15, psi, FMC Subsea Drilling Systems offers UWD subsea wellheads for a complete range of shallow and deepwater. FMC offers surface wellheads and trees for WAS with equipment designed with special considerations for minimizing wellhead and tree height and weight for.

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We design and manufacture our elastomer seals. Is installed in the bottom bowl, where it is held in place by a snap ring. FMC Surface Wellhead conducts ongoing safety training programs with daily, weekly and monthly service safety meetings. Nonelastomer stem packing is unaffected by most oilfield chemicals. Irvine, California wellhezd Assembler – Eaton. A relief valve on the cylinder prevents overpressurization.

Multiple ports are available if required. Endurance Test Cells wsllhead Automated life-cycle testing of gate valves.

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Has a back-seat test port and packing leak detection port. Has low torque requirements for easier opening and closing. In 75 years of listening to your industry, our company has developed a broad spectrum of wellhead drilling and completion components, systems and services. Packoffs allow tubing string manipulation for setting packers or displacing fluid while sealing the annulus between the tubing and the production casing.

Fmc Wellhead

FMC Surface Wellhead offers all Model Series Wellhexd in independent loosevalve configurations for wellhead, tree and manifold applications.

With the lubricator holding the pressure, the gate valve can be opened, allowing the VR plug to pass through the valve and be threaded into the head or spool outlet. Utilizes lockdown screws for retention and energizing of seals.

They are also guided by detailed reports including photographs and schematics that document the size, working pressure, serial numbers and manufacture of each piece of equipment on each wellhead. Upper stem packing is easily removed. It is good for temperatures ranging from o F to o F. For many wells, a standard flanged API wellhead rated at 2, psi is the best choice for the budget and risk parameters.


The producing wellhrad of the well normally determines the pressure rating of the top connection. The HP-HY surface safety valve is a hydraulically controlled actuator that is operated by a closed hydraulic system completely independent of well fluids and pressure.

The bottom adapter connection matches the tubing head, and the top adapter connection matches the tree. Regular or H2S F. The stem is protected against accidental twist-off by the stem shear-pin.

All FMC Energy Systems employees wellhfad responsible for With safety as a top-down, bottom-up responsibility — and with results tied to management and employee performance appraisals — our formal HSE safety program identifies and rewards behaviors that improve safety practices.

The OD also protects the two seal bumps on the seal assembly OD from damage during installation. API 6A Requirements 1. It is a forged valve designed for 10, and 15, psi working pressure.

FMC secures Peregrino wellhead contract from StatoilHydro – cDiver

Sometimes a metal seal option can be a cost-effective way to increase service life and wlelhead production efficiencies. The basic adapter is normally installed with the tree after tubing is run. Minimum wage may differ by jurisdiction and you should consult the employer for actual salary figures. Every day, thousands of employers search Indeed.

Working pressure tubing head adapters, specify the following: Developed out of our subsea wellhead technology, the UWD is a 15, psi wellhead that combines advanced technology for high-pressure and hazardous-service environments.

The packoff seal is actuated by lockdown screws before the blowout preventers are removed.

FMC Energy Systems conducts life predication testing wellheac seals and sealing materials by exposing components to elevated temperature environments containing fluid chemistry consistent with intended service conditions. See section on Completion Solutions. Senior Assembler salaries in Irvine, CA Learn more about working at Eaton Eaton questions about work, benefits, interviews and hiring process: The operator has one of the highest safety standards in the industry, and he was looking for a local manufacturer.


These clamp segments pull the integral mating hubs together as the nuts are tightened. FMC Surface Wellhead has developed seals that compensate for thermal expansion and contraction, and the larger API casing and tubing tolerances that create increasingly difficult sealing conditions.

Fmc Technologies Jobs, Employment |

These adapters come with threaded, flanged or studded-flanged top connections. Slip-type casing hangers provide a method to transfer the weight or tension load of a casing string to a casing head or spool.

Tubing hangers are available for any type of tubing completion. Designed for high-pressure oil and gas applications. Loss of hydraulic pressure in welljead actuators cylinder allows the well or flowline pressure acting on the area of the lower stems to force the stem and gate closed. What are the st Slip-type hangers are available in automatic-sealing and nonautomatic-sealing varieties.

With the help of this catalog and your FMC Energy Systems representative, you can identify precisely what you’ll need for your unique application wherever in the world you’re working, whatever the environment, well characteristics and fluid analyses, and your performance and budget parameters. Double FS Seals This design consists of two elastomeric-shaped seals located in grooves in the bottom of the tubing head.

Threaded, studded or flanged 2.