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interrogation procedures are in FM ) A programmer/battery charger, code input computer, shipping and storage containers, and code. STINGER TEAM OPERATIONS | Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers hand- picked children’s books every 1, 2, or 3 months — at 40% off List Price.

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During periods of intense air activity, both may act as gunners to increase the rate of fire.

To be successful in their mission, the team members must work together as a team. After a safe stop, the team dismounts and proceeds to assigned positions on sides of trailer and, working together, readies the Stinger for engaging and firing at detected and identified threat aircraft. Further details on command and control are found in FM He also modifies their state of readiness by changing the cm defense 44-18-11 and controls their freedom to fire by use of WCS and fire control orders.

A basic load of six Stinger weapons four weapon-rounds and two missile-rounds are carried by each team, initially, during combat operations.

Once the sequence is mastered, f, can be conducted on any drill with which the team is weak until the desired level of proficiency is reached. To accomplish this, the team chief must thoroughly understand the rules of engagement and control measures applicable to the Stinger system.

Stinger Team Operations (FM 44-18-1)

The load rearrangement drill will be performed with weapon-round and missile-round containers after missile expenditures. This requires the launching of as many missiles as possible at successive aircraft in the raid.

Given the Stinger basic load properly loaded and secured on the M cargo trailer, a MANPAD team with their individual combat equipment positioned five paces from the trailer, with Stingers on their shoulders, the gunners have fired. The gunner and team chief are each carrying a Stinger weapon.


Once weapons are unslung, safety procedures are adhered to and weapons readied for engagement as expeditiously as possible. Resupply will normally be with Redeye until full Stinger fielding is accomplished. Both team members are trained as gunners and in communications, target detection, and aircraft recognition.

This drill emphasizes the expeditious teamwork necessary to prepare a team for immediate engagement from a mounted position. These preliminary steps serve to resolve any doubt or questions that may exist in their minds prior to actually handling the equipment and to reinforce the safety precautions applicable to the system. Next, team members should walk through the procedures with a trained and experienced team member. Over this net the section chief maneuvers his team and obtains information on their status and location.

The team chiefs engagement command releases the gunner to fire when the gunner decides that the aircraft meets the technical requirements for a successful engagement.

When tracking has been established, the gunner interrogates the aircraft, continues tracking, and may activate while waiting for an engagement command. Once initiating alert has been received by team members, they immediately climb out of foxholes and prepare their weapons to engage threat aircraft.

A second SHOOT missile will be fired if the first does not hit the target or appears to have failed to achieve guided flight. Sign In Sign Out. The fire control orders used by team chiefs are shown in the fk. They must be performed without error and to the degree that the actions are performed automatically and without hesitation by rote.

He must make the decision based on rules of engagement contained in the unit TSOP and with criteria given to him by the section chief. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Team has just received an aircraft alert warning. Therefore, direct and personal supervision of each team normally is not possible. Additional guidelines for conducting the crew drills include the following:.


The 44-181 vehicle M will be moving at not more than 15 miles per hour and a radio transmission alerting the team will be received initiating the drill. The section chief controls his teams during field operations through use of a detailed TSOP.

He is assisted by the team chief in acquiring the correct target. The following situations show how the Stinger team chief uses his prescribed rules to make an engagement decision. The purpose of this drill is to train team members in the proper method of loading fmm unloading weapon-round and missile-round containers using the M trailer.

The method used to engage aircraft depends upon their number.

FM Stinger Team Operations – Appendix D

A multiple target raid is a raid by two or more aircraft flying the same course, at the same speed, less than 1, meters apart. Once the team members are confident with their equipment and procedures, the crew drills can be run. The mission of the Stinger team is to protect the unit which it is supporting from attack by aircraft.

When skilled individuals are molded into efficient, smooth-functioning teams, their capability to accomplish assigned missions is greatly increased. The Stinger teams are commanded and controlled by the section chief. Mf Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.

The team consists of a team chief and a gunner.