Welcome to OTficrecs, a fic rec blog dedicated to finding and recommending the best EXO fanfiction. Despite our very fangirl-ish comments. We know that the kpop fandom has brilliant writers and the exo fandom has some of the best. This tumblr is dedicated to records and recommendations for good. A collection of EXO fanfiction that I’ve read and enjoyed. This blog is purely for archive purposes. | Sorry, but I do not reply to messages as I’m.

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AU, angst, romance Pairing s: Having just recorded their first, major label record and toured with TheUnit is on the cusp of stardom. Sorry, but I do not reply to messages as I’m on my blog only once a month.

Can you guys recommend some of the best exo fanfics?

The one where they meet and eventually fall in love: The world has ended, for us it may be apocalypse. Minseok checks his makeup in the mirror and nods.

Scented by baeksdoodle Fandoms: A xeo Kyungsoo appears in his neighbours backyard! Jongin and Kyungsoo end up on a tropical island due to the meddling behaviour of their family and friends.

Originally posted by veriloquentmind To all our followers: The figure pulls off the helmet, raising his dark hair as it releases his head. The amount of scenery the author paints with just words is seriously breathtaking! Minho fkcs the new school hoping that he wouldn’t have to leave early like many schools before. Knocked Up by imgonnariverdance Fandoms: Kai, Kyungsoo, Luhan, Baekhyun Length: AU Everyone is born with a tiny illegible scribble on their right wrists.


Nowhere in his plans said ‘to go get knocked up by a random one night stand at the club’, but a certain Byun Baekhyun accidentally adds that last one onto the list for him. First and foremost, love this author. The memories he was forced to make there kept the adrenaline pumping through his veins, pushing him onward. I haven’t red many fafics so you can advice me almost everything that fits my description You might like some of eco ones that I recommended.

Can you guys recommend some of the best exo fanfics? – Random – OneHallyu

For example I just read Surrender by yeolkkuma and it was very detailed and you could tell the author did their research. He meets Yixing, and maybe even fic Yixing. Cold air filled his lungs; stung them.

Really nice ending though. Lets end this birthday fest with some KrisHo in another of my fave fics!

Originally posted by kyungso. Humour, Romance, AU, Cafe! He glances at the clock; five minuteshe thinks excitedly.

As long as it is about exo: The feeling left his hands, feet, and limbs. Kris travels to future just to find out that he is married to his enemy,Suho and even have 9 kids together and 10th is coming soon. Ladies Come and Ladies Go ex it’s the bandmates that will keep you going. We have reached the end of my special day!

exo fanfic on Tumblr

In this fxo land, she encounters the aristocratic Kim brothers and finds herself entangled in the webs of deceit; woven by rivalry, politics and hunger for power. You might be surprised. Originally posted by veriloquentmind.


Chanyeol just wants to masturbate. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Love is the only thing in this world that does not hurt.

So why is one following and talking to him? Not much had changed except, time had passed. Training Wheels “in which Kris always ends up being the third wheel”. This means that you cannot reply to this topic. Not to be confused with strippers, the exotic dancers at Rose Petal were poised and well trained. I will start reading today!

I haven’t red many fafics so you can advice me almost everything that fits my description.

Basically Baekhyun loses his memory and it’s a super painful journey for the characters and for me reading. If Kyungsoo kisses Chanyeol in public on the train, lets the rocking focs of the train push their bodies together, he’s almost guaranteed a good night once they get home.

In For The Kill. Joonmyun is a man of routine and Chanyeol wants to fuck his shit up. The author did an amazing job at capturing their emotions for one another and making their personalities just flow so well together, both in the future and past. The color of your voice by Theycallmegalaxy14 Fandoms: Basically a twist on Aladdin. This is absolutely adorable!