This manual is part of the THE SUCCESSFUL CLUB SERIES. A little talk at the Executive Toastmasters Club of Makati, Philippines on The Successful Club Series Evaluate to Motivate by ACG-ALB Raju. Evaluate to Motivate. Why Evaluate? Logical. Communication is not a one way process. Did your communication succeed? How could it have been more.

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She used to bag the best evaluator all the time with so much ease.

Also, the speakers generally get back to several people for their feedback after each speech. Each of us is an evaluator. But how effective our evaluation is, how is it received by the person at the other end and what change does it bring in him are some of the points to be considered.

Evaluate to Motivate | Toastmasters – Riverside, CA

Notify me of new posts via email. As an evaluator, you can’t make the speaker change their behaviour. Be genuine Recognize strengths Recognize improvements Create a climate for motivation; help them realize that they can improve more Avoid value judgments; concentrate on speakers behaviour not the person Provide positive direction; show how they can improve Evaluation Methods Toastmasters suggests 3 different evaluation methods.

Going Beyond Our Club. Show that you care Suit your evaluation to the speaker Learn the speakers objectives Listen actively Personalize your language Give positive reinforcement Help the speaker become motivated Evaluate the behaviour not the person Nourish self esteem Show the speaker how to improve Speakers Responsibilities Communicate your goals Help your evaluator prepare Prepare diligently Empathize with your evaluator Help your evaluator improve Prepare to change How can we improve?


What images could you see in your mind? Self Esteem and Public Speaking we all want to please ourselves to feel worthy and successful often we are our own worst critics Self esteem fuels personal growth Feedback reinforces personal growth Personal growth nourishes self esteem Increased self esteem promotes growth To be effective in helping people grow, evaluation must do two things: What emotions were felt by you as a listener?

For example, if you, as the speaker see your audience yawning, there is a good indication that your talk is not especially interesting to them. Jim Rohn Self Help Guru. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Did the speaker step out from, or hide behind the lectern? You are commenting using your WordPress. But there are chances that you might miss out certain points during your minutes of evaluation. Use descriptive and personal statements.

Burrard Toastmasters Vancouver’s leading business-oriented public speaking club. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

Effective evaluations help us all become better speakers. Again, this evaluation offers nothing to help the speaker grow and may, in fact, discourage further growth. Toastmasters — Riverside, CA. Is the material repetitious? Do not tell the speaker what he or she did, but rather what you perceived.


Bennett, The Light in the Heart. Meeting Roles and Responsibilities Does your club involve everyone at every meeting?

An evaluator must concentrate on specific methods for improvement. Evaluation transmitted from the audience to the speaker through the use of some easily interpretable cues: Finish your comments with positive feedback by describing a meaningful aspect of the performance in terms of its positive effect on you.

Evaluation To Motivate

Some of them do have a super memory to store everything right there. What does it take to receive the Competent Communicator award? Of all the roles, I feel that the role of an evaluator is a little challenging. Were you moved to action? The evaluator talks and the speaker listens. Also a good evaluation makes you feel good about evalute and energizes you to tackle the next speech. Encourage group evaluations; the more feedback the better. It is hoped that through constructive evaluation we may be able to improve the environment in which we live.