súrolja a B2-es szintet, mint alulról, ezek az extra feladatok kiváló készségfejlesztést Send your essay to [email protected], and we’ll give you individual. @ Írni jó! 2. inquiry (asking for information) [ Euroexam]. 2. information giving . Íráskészség-fejlesztő feladatok. Klikk a képre!. Euroexam Angol – Practice Test B2 (Középszint) – Set 3 – Download as PDF File Nyáron messziről látható az a mintegy hajó. a feladatok közé tartozik.

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Mediation – Part 1 – Journey to Eastburn. From the train she watches the same couple having breakfast on their deck, she imagines how their life is perfect. If you have not read the books, or cannot remember details, find out anything that you find interesting about Stockholm visitstockholm. If that does not solve your problem, do a rick click and save. Similarly to the Making Notes task of the Listening test Task 2complete each sentence with 3 words write the missing words into your notebook: When you have collected a few statements, ideas, you can use them to write an essay of words on the following topic: Looking for a vasotec?

Weekly practice tasks

Each eurkexam below includes the same 3 task types, so have a look at the descriptions below to learn how each task type will help you develop your language skills. The third list up until 2: What is the advantage of such a move by the European Union for pizzerias in Italy, particularly for those making Pizza Napoletana.

Central Europe Hungary Slovakia Romania. A boy wakes up in a lift, feldatok only thing he can remember is his name. Read the article once again, then summarise it in your head or on paper in about sentences.


Life is short, books are long, so we reach for the abridged shorter version of classic novels, don’t we?

Short classics | Euroexam

Then, a couple of days later you can do another one, and you can always check your solution immediately. When you have done that, try to reconstruct some of the key sentences with the help of the vocabulary you have identified. Then read the following statements and respond with a disagreeing phrase, adding an opinion to the phrase. Now, read each of the selected texts to check your predictions.

Try to summarise each text for yourself in your head or say them aloud.

If you have minutes for preparation aand practice only, completing one task at a time is ideal. We make the key to each task available too when we publish the exercises.

How to calculate the results of weekly practice tasks You can evaluate your performance with the help of the answer key provided. Then either write down one sentence predicting the content of each chosen paragraph, or say the sentence aloud to yourself. Read the article twice, and see how accurate any of your guesses have been.

When choosing a word, try to understand not only the text as a whole, but specific parts of the text as well. You can listen to the downloaded mp3 file with any media player e. In the meantime you can familiarise yourself with the exam, the types of tasks, the vocabulary, as well as the expectations through various sets feladdatok evaluation criteria. Read the 6 points about dealing with souvenirs. Central Europe Hungary Slovakia Romania.


Extra online gyakorló anyagok

You can read here in more detail about the calculation of scoring of the real exams. You have the opportunity to check your work and see what you are already good at and where you eurorxam further improvement. Tips for preparation You will receive some useful tips with every task, given by experienced teachers and examiners Technical assistance It may occur that your computer will not play the listening audio files smoothly.

Sprachmittlung – Teil 1 – Aufgabe 2 – Babysitter. The next part up to 1: The most effective essays will be published on this page!

Leseverstehen – Aufgabe 3 – Die Deutschen schwindeln. Refresh the Adobe Flash Player, – https: Here is the same material — without the audio file — in pdf format. Mediation – Part 2 – The path. By adding up your points you can get to know how you are progressing with your preparation. Although there are thousands of grammar practice websites on the internet, what you can find here is a site featuring unique tasks specially designed for the grammar and vocabulary that you will find the most useful in an exam.

Reading – Task 2 – Milan Kundera.

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