Configuring EtherChannels. LACP EtherChannels and the ad provider- bridge mode are mutually exclusive. LACP. EtherChannels cannot transmit traffic . Cheatsheet. no comment on–Enable Etherchannel only “Manual On Mode” passive–Enable Switch1(config)# interface port-channel 2. Part of Cisco Networking All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet EtherChannel allows you to take up to eight network ports on your switch and treat them as a.

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I am not sure what I am doing wrong! This increases bandwidth but also enhances redundancy between the switches. As noted, a virtual port-channel interface Port-channel1 has been created to represent the logical link. Steve guest February 16, at 2: A portchannel may become more balanced with them.

Cisco Switch EtherChannel Configuration – LACP – PAgP

They’d been a little ‘thin’ lately Any of these three mechanisms will suffice for most scenarios, however the choice does deserve some consideration. While access can use MAC. Rupesh guest November 21, at 3: The site looks excellent! Spikes February 15, at 6: For example having 3 links in a channel group doesn’t give you more bandwidth than 2 links. Vishnu guest April 8, at Under normal conditions, all but one redundant physical link between two switches will be disabled by STP at one end.

We can inspect the health of the EtherChannel with the show etherchannel summary command: LACP helps protect against switching loops caused by misconfiguration; when enabled, an EtherChannel will only be formed after successful negotiation between its two ends.

The show etherchannel load-balance command reveals that source MAC address load-balancing is default on the Catalyst I think it was in the BCMSN book that discussed it, but even though you can have from 2 – 8 links in your ether-channel there are distribution advantages to the number of links related to the algorithm that is ran.



Passive interfaces merely respond to LACP requests. This time we observe that the port-channel interface is enabled as soon as its first member port comes up, as there is no delay imposed by negotiation:. I figured it out! Deep6 February 18, at 3: One thing to add. This switch is connected to a Distribution switch which aggregates traffic from several user access switches.

Which fields are considered is dependent on the switch platform and configuration.

I have configured the etherchannel in L2 switch for 2 links but when a single link gets down packet loss is not coming but when sbeet same link comes up i am getting the packet loss can any one suggest how resolve the problem. However, note the timing of the system messages: However, note the timing of the system messages:.

The number of links is also something to consider when planning an ether-channel.

Etherchannel – Network Interview QnA

ethercahnnel The trunk is useful to pass vlans between switches. Direction of flow is also an important detail. However, this negotiation introduces an overhead and delay in initialization.

S1 show etherchannel summary Flags: The opposite is true on S2: Comments Dear Sir, if i do not use the trunk port command,,then it will work for Etherchannrl or not…means i do not use trunk for vlan thanks. With EtherChannel configured, multiple links are grouped into a port-channel, which is assigned its own configurable virtual interface. Yeah 2, 4, and 8 are the most efficient ways to go.

EtherChannel considerations –

Interface Port-channel1, changed state to up Almost a full three seconds elapsed between the member ports transitioning to the up state and the port-channel interface coming up. On nexus I was able to create 16×10 bundle but on CRS1 I was only able to add one link but 3 other links getting error. When configuring etherchannel cheaf two switches, should etherchannel have the same number in both ends? If the last hex character is E the last two binary bits are 10 so it will use member number 2.


Accept Reject Read More. By configuring Etherchannel, the bundle is considered as a single logical interface and there are no spanning tree loops.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. It was usefull for me to understand the load balancing feature very well. Also something to note with regard to Switch stacks from Cisco’s docs located here: For cross-stack EtherChannel configurations, ensure that all ports targeted for the EtherChannel are either configured for LACP or are manually configured to be in the channel group.

I mean “Bandwidth and Cost” I’ve heard that the number of links in Etherchanel must be 2 or 4 or 8 and so on. These protocols manage the channel establishment between the switches:.

Ciscotime guest January 19, at 9: D – down P – bundled in port-channel I chear stand-alone s – suspended H – Hot-standby LACP only R – Layer3 S – Layer2 U – in use f – failed to allocate aggregator M – not in use, minimum links not met u – unsuitable for bundling w – waiting to be aggregated d – default port Number of channel-groups in use: