ei kasuta konkreetset sõna (lk 10). *Pariisist meenutades hall. *lapsepõlves maal. * Pariis — ära, palav, igav. lk The rrator of Emil Tode’s (T宵 ծnepalu’s) Piiririik (“Border State”, ) is “driven by the need to confess”. A scholar from an unmed Eastern European country. The narrator of Emil Tode’s (T宵 ծnepalu’s) Piiririik (“Border State”, ) is ” driven by the need to confess”. A scholar from an unnamed Eastern European.

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Ziemlich intensiv besch Ich hab das Buch 2mal gelesen. However, by the time I finished reading the book, I felt I had been talking to a man who turned out to be insane and did nothing but tricked me and even had a laugh at my expense once I closed the book and put it back in my bookcase.

Border State – Piiririik – Emil Tode – Madli Puhvel | Estonian Literature

To ask other readers questions about Piiririikplease sign up. Where does he belong and with whom and does he really exist at all in this limbo state where dreams and reality intersect. It could be the story of a person trying to build a future without a coherent past, or of someone wandering in a place with no geography. Now you can buy almost all BuyNow items witout logging in.

Igatahes ma ei ole vahepeal sulle kirjutanud.

This book is a little bit confusing and sad if I could say. To continue choose suitable username and enter your e-mail address. He began his writing career as a poet in piiririiik has published three collections of his works. The fuck did I just read? I can’t believe how intimate thoughts I was allowed to follow, and how beautifully and accurately written they were.

Published by Tuum first published Questions like these ones permeate the entire book, which give it a surreal, dream-like feeling. We learn that the narrator is gay because of his relationship with Franz and his unrequited obsession with a priest, but he never gets deep into this.

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Our lonely anti-hero found a way to cross the border from an Eastern European country to go seek better luck and more fulfilled life in the West, but he kept the borders within himself and he was never able to abandon those.

That year, he received the annual literary award given by the Baltic Assembly. The whole novel is a rumination from the protagonist, who hovers between genders until they might almost sound like a sort of angel. After page 50, of the Italian edition I read by Iperborea, the plot started shaping up and following a more definite direction until the end.

But then I found out they were more than friends and s he wanted to taste his semen. There is also rancor towards other Eastern Europeans, whom the narrator recognizes as fellow outcasts that don’t belong in a Western place like Paris. The whole novel gives off an impression of dream-like wandering, hovering between childhood memories, the present, the situation of a person who misses something, though we won’t be told what although the title he Surprising, but lovely.

Sometimes it would be dark blue and glistening robustly, at other times reddish yellow and arid, as if about the flare up, but never actually flaming.

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Piiririik. Emil Tode. b

Sometimes s he started to talk about things that didn’t even make sense in that piiririk of the story. Often, the narrator’s mind wanders, returns to a childhood memory, or describes a dream, and the result is wonderful: The border state of the title is multidimensional: It explains why the author rambles and wanders with the piitiriik throughout the entire novel, but this kind of ending has become old, both in books and films.

Your most recent searches. You are about to make a bid that is 5 times bigger than active minimal bid. Lists with This Book. Terve seeria fotosid Barbie matustest: Is Angelo a rea I recently finished reading “Border State”, and while I found it interesting enough to read it until the end, I have mixed feelings about it.


It wasn’t bad, but it was so confusing. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. May 18, Volke Piiroriik rated it it was amazing.

Kohati oli tunne, et kirjanikul oli depressioon. Border State is a very sad and beautiful work, and it leaves me wanting to read more by the same author. I have my varying ideas of what could have actually happened, but at the same time I don’t think understanding the unreliable narrator was the point, since it piirirlik like they didn’t do it themselves either.

Enkelten siemen – Piiririik – Emil Tode – Juhani Salokannel | Estonian Literature

The grass would be bent close to the ground by an unrelenting wind. I liked some of the parts story. I can understand the commotion this book caused in Estonia, and Europe, back in ‘s, although now, in ‘s, I found the book rather superficial, specially when it comes to dealing with the topic of homosexuality. For me, despite of what I stated above, the biggest issue with this novel is its disappointing ending.


Apr 27, Frederik Raud rated it really liked it. Eine ziemlich akutelle Frage, die da gestellt wird There is no account with this identification number. Buyer pays all shipping costs. Descriptions of the Parisian days are frequently interrupted by digressions normally memories. It was a political term. This brief novel or is it a novella? Landesgrenzen begrenzen auch die Menschen, und wieso an diesen Konstruktionen festgehalten und behauptet: To continue enter your phone number and identification number Phone nr.

Oh well, I probably just invented this country, on the spot, just for fun.

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