FILE. Open, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-F. Save, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-S. Save As, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-W. Save All, Ctrl-X, S. Revert to File, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-V. Revert Buffer, Meta-X, revert-buffer. 58 time-saving Hotkeys for Emacs Extensive, exportable, wiki-style reference lists for Keyboard Shortcuts/Hotkeys. 51 Keyboard Shortcuts for Emacs at The internet’s online database for keyboard shortcuts.

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Prefix each line with string. Split window, side by side. Run Dired in other window. The common keyboard used around emacs era in the s are those keyboards from Lisp Machines. Toggle read only status of buffer. So, the Ctrl key is the primary modifier, and the Meta is secondary to Ctrl. Get mode specific information. CUA was a detailed specification and set strict rules about how applications should look and function.

Insert newline after point. Select menu item by number. It would have been hard to get the new Emacs bindings accepted by the community if emaca differed for such basic commands. From [ emacs keybinding By Daniel Weinreb.


Copy region to kill ring. Emacs’s keys hotkeya designed with a keyboard that practically has the Ctrl and Alt key hitkeys swapped. Execute a shell command.

F1 was often help but in WordPerfect that hotkyes F3. Select buffer in other window for frame. Split window, above and below. Run a shell command on the region. S is for Save. Some programs used Escape to cancel an action, some used it to complete one; WordPerfect used it to repeat a character.

Emacs Keys Basics

Go to end of buffer. Valid responses in query-replace mode are replace, skip, back up and exit. Abort partially typed or executing command. Join line with previous with hotkeya, next.

GNU Emacs is the most popular port of the Emacs text editor. F5 to F9 are only 6 keys.

Why Emacs Keys are Painful

Jump to point saved in register. Add mode-local expansion for this abbrev.

These keys can be used with any combination of CtrlAltShift. Emacs did not change its keybindings to adapt the PC keyboard. Eval sexp before point. Replace last yank with previous kill.


Find tag in other window. Enroll me for the nice mailing list, too. Switch cursor to another window for frame. Look up a subject in the indices. Find file read-only in other window.

GNU Emacs keyboard shortcuts

Select menu item by name. Character delete, not kill – forward. Switch cursor to another window. From official emacs manual for version It was a sign of expertise to have learned the UIs of dozens of applications, since a novice user facing a new program would find their existing knowledge of a similar application absolutely no use whatsoever.

Show commands matching a string.

Program information Program name: Useful technology tips and keyboard shortcuts will appear in your inbox. Set fill column to arg.