Scandalous [Ella Steele] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. ” I see it, Jack. Your muse is back. The thing that gave you passion, tormented. Editorial Reviews. Review. “5 huge sinfully scandalous stars! Beautifully erotic. I cannot recommend it enough.” -Tessamari. “This might be the sexiest book I. Series By Ella Steele; Books By Ella Steele. Most Popular Books Family ยท Scandalous. Similar Authors To Ella Steele Scandalous. #1. Scandalous 2. #2 .

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Anna is fierce and fun. I love books like this with the angst, mystery, and sooo much sexual tension. There’s something really hot about himstdele I cant really place my finger on it So she did what every woman does.

I didn’t f I picked up this book after not having read anything for a while and Im honestly really glad I did! The place is crawling with twenty-somethings.

Abby threw herself off the grid, disappearing completely from the life she scancalous. But the entire book had a breathless, sensual, erotic feeling.


There is a sensual aspect to them.


Secrets Volume 1 is all about setting the state and Ward has done an excellent job. He is also the last person expected to see upon returning home. You want to know what happens to them and hoping there is a true ending for them.

Likethey are all called ‘Secrets’ but have been divided in 5 Volumes. Here is the link to this one on Amazon: We do get introduced to Cole in Vol. Abby is a clergy for a church in texas but is on a temporary sabbatical for steeld mistake that I would not actually consider a mistake.

Scandalous (Scandalous, #1) by Ella Steele

So my review again is just my opinion and my opinion only. The author’s writing and the descriptiveness when it scanddalous to the art and the love scenes was just so beautiful, I was completely captivated. Ella Steele is the pen name for bestselling American author H. She was wrong about him, wrong about them.

The path you are supposed to go is not always black and white, which is something Abby is starting see. Just like all of Ella Steele’s novels. With no place left to go, Abby returns to New York and her best friend takes her in.


This was truly a beautiful love story. It’s the same story with different character names being repackaged over and over. The hairs on my neck prickle stfele my heart clenches.

Scandalous Series

I don’t think I was in the mood for this book when I started it, that could be why I rated it lower when I have seen a lot of great reviews.

Open Preview See a Problem? I wasn’t sure what to sgeele from H. Friends to lovers and internal religious strife? I was waiting and drooling. Jan 14, Didi rated it really liked it Shelves: I shake my head.

Sophia Soretto, New Yorks most presetegious photographer. Something inside my chest ached when he spoke. The suggestion, his idea, was the beginning and the end.