Clan del Oso Cavernario, El – Los Hijos de La Tierra (Spanish Edition) [Jean M. Auel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare book. CLAN DEL OSO CAVERNARIO, EL (Spanish Edition) [JEAN M. AUEL] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Primera novela de la serie Los. Readers’ questions about El clan del oso cavernario (Los Hijos de la Tierra, #1). 9 questions answered.

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I really enjoyed the creativity cavrrnario ingenuity Auel bought to the Clan and their magic, and I feel like it worked really well as a vital part of the story and culture for this world. And honestly, I cpan remember ever reading anything from this prehistoric time period before so I was not sure what to expect when I began this book.

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CLAN DEL OSO CAVERNARIO, EL (Spanish Edition): JEAN M. AUEL: : Books

Clan of the Cave Bear [Jan 15, ] 64 58 Jan 29, Other data is clearly linked to the widespread Aurignacian culture and Gravettian cultureand their tell-tale Venus figurines which Auel uses as one center of her Cro-Magnon religious practices.

There were a few times cavefnario she or her son got really close to that Mary Sue line–the amount of times she breaks rules and is able to keep from being killed is pretty astonishing.

I reread this recently and decided to upgrade it to 5 stars. She is proud, strong, very intelligent, and able to make leaps of logic that often get her into trouble with her adopted people. Malone I read this when Deel was Cagernario learned that I can love my quiet time, and apparently I love stories on the ancient human race I for some reason pictured the Hollywood version of scruffy cave people with shaggy hanging furs and bones in their hair.

El clan del oso cavernario — Reader Q&A

It brought to life a world disappeared by more than 10, years. It made me really start to think how things that seem so basic and simple and easy to us today are the products of years and ages of evolution and development from beings much like these. The toxic masculinity that leads clzn Ayla’s sufferings is nothing unfamiliar. Ayla is resourceful and filled with a desire to develop and learn and be excited by the world, something dek Clan find hard to comprehend let alone to emanate.


I have no idea why I never found time over the years. Dek anyways, she grows up, leaves them, meets up with her own people, and falls in love with a hot tall blonde guy named Jondalar.

How else can I describe a book that transports the reader back to a time in history where there were no books, writing or pictorial records to chart early life forms but makes it so believable you think this could have actually taken place.

The writing is a bit simplistic and kind of gets in the way at times. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from csvernario restaurants. As the previous responded stated this isn’t a book one should take to heart on whether is true or not, I still come across articles, reports etc. This means that she cavernariio many things, changes, and events that we do much later in our lives in this day and age.

I thought he was sweet and kind, a good father-figure for Ayla, and I loved the comparisons between him and Ayla and between him and Ayla’s son, Dirk. The attitudes of the men involved in her subjugation are present, if not prevalent, today.

She does not have the shared memories and the instinctual ways of the life as the Neanderthals. Valley of the Horses is fun but lacking the depth. Desiree She did do research when writing her novels however there were some things she wrote that were later found to be untrue in the pre-historic era.

I think I loved this book because I imagined it was the same way in my life. First off, I have to give kudos to Auel for all the research and time she put into this novel.

Women are basically treated like property. It was my turn to share a book I really liked, and I named this one. For example, the Neanderthals in “Clan of the Cave Bear” spoke in grunt and sign language they weren’t able to make speech but it was discovered that Neanderthals most likely could clsn and communicate in speech and not noise this was found years later after dep book was published Another thing is the appearance of Ayla, having a fair complexion, blue eyes and blonde hair.


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Also, Ayla’s fight to save the life of her infant son conceived in a rape provides a powerful pro-life message –though that may well have been unintended on Auel’s part. It’s equally a story of love and abuse.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. If anything about the story bugged me, it would be the sudden departures into talking about mixing medicines. After being mauled by a cave lion, she is found by a group of Neanderthals and her life is saved. Around the Year i To her credit, Auel was the first writer in the genre to attempt it on a large scale though Jack London and William Golding each wrote single novels set in prehistoryand to popularize it sufficiently to create a market niche and a subgenre tradition that other writers have begun to develop.

She manages to impart an incredible amount of information but it is done in such a way that I didn’t once feel bored when reading in fact I loved learning about the medicinal uses for plants, the tools they use and how they were made.

El Clan del Oso Cavernario

I loved everything about Ayla and much about her new tribe as well. I’ve heard so much about this series of books, particularly with the most recent and apparently last of the series??

How old should you be to read this book? It’s nice to be able to so firmly identify myself as being on a character’s side from the first few chapters in a book. I’d be horrified at my mother if she had kept it from me until I was 17 just because of …more I read this when I was What an epic read and the setting is so unique. The sex scenes didn’t corrupt me. View all 11 comments.

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