In May Lin’s first novel, Eeeee Eee Eeee, and first story collection, Bed, were published. Tao Lin, Author Melville House Publishing $ (p) ISBN and surreal touches: bears, dolphins (who say “”Eeeee Eee Eeee”” to express emotion, in spite. This novel is called EEEEE EEE EEEE, which is a sound dolphins make. If you’ve read Tao Lin before, via his poetry collection (you are a little bit happier than i.

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It was just irritating. I felt and was made to feel that I just didn’t get it. The pressure is there even so. The pointless celebrity eeee and wacky surrealist antics and brooding insights on everything from nihilism to romance are all layered with some heavy doses of irony and sarcastic satire, but there is, somewhere among the sardonic rubbl Tao Lin seems to get a lot of shit from people, and I guess I can kind of see why, but, based on this brilliant book, I must disagree with those who despise his work to some extreme extent.

Each sentence makes me feel emotion.

Eeeee Eee Eeee

Neither, for that matter, did The Pharmacist’s Tqo. Some kind of story line, syntax, sympathetic character, action, resolution, or point would have been appreciated. This is the worst book i’ve ever read.

In May Lin’s second poetry collection, cognitive-behavioral therapy was published. But, it will kick your brain. I love and especially admire that each line of e’s is a different length: Othertimes I think that Lin is a secret, subtle genius. Aug 26, Greg rated it really liked it Shelves: Not something to curl up with, rather it’s something you read and hope that the subway doesn’t come because you are not sure if you are going to be able to pick back up where you left off.

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Bookslut | EEEEE EEE EEEE by Tao Lin

Formas de pagamento aceitas: This book is closer to Zachary German than Lin’s novella. Retrieved 16 May While doing so, or immediately after, or occasionally a long time after, they make me laugh.

May 18, Hadrian rated it did not like it Shelves: Elijah Wood is happy about the dolphins because he thinks he’s in a movie. If this book had a face I would punch it. Refresh and eeee again.

Goodreads is good like that. Through this and the behaviour of other characters such as Bear, Dolphin, Hamster and Steve, Tao Lin sheds light on the human condition, the nature of loneliness, isolation, boredom, 21st century allergies, and trying to find an identity for yourself amongst all this pain, suffering and selfishness.

I am okay with that, but I don’t think everyone would be. There is so much whimsy that all you really want by the end is for Andrew and Ellen to get together and for him to stop thinking about that stupid Sara and for her to stop weirding everyone out so much. There is more dog shit in the piano room.

Then I gave it another chance. I’m glad you asked that question.

Like a peperoni pizza with Jalapenos. He also loves sad. But while the book is about lim, lonely people it is also strangely uplifting. If Tao Lin wants to write about his own nihilistic philosophy, he should not do it under the guise of legitimate fiction. Not everyone is like that of course.


It sounds good in the abstract but the execution is lacking. Books by Tao Lin. When people want to try Tao Lin, I suggest this to start because it is his most accessible work. Jan 12, Danielle rated it did not like it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Do you remember that kid in school who tried too hard to be ‘random’?

I know people who don’t read very often who should read this book because like Denis Johnson it’s funny and addictive and talks straight into your ear instead of from somewhere far gone. This kind of peculiar mixture of the absurd and philosophical makes every page capable of what I think of as “exploding. It hits stoicism in a really interesting way. Sep 06, Steve Sarner added it Shelves: I talked to him and told him I liked his blog and his book of poetry.

There are elements of Borges as well–like the dead-pan, scholarly whimsicality–but it’s hard to compare this to anything because the style and voice are feee unique. Lin made a series of vlogs on his YouTube channel thecitystills between and

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