Driven by Eternity: Making Your Life Count Today & Forever [John Bevere] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Most people would be left. Driven by Eternity has ratings and reviews. Neil said: Introduction John Bevere’s Driven by Eternity is reminiscent of what is arguably one of. In this plan, best-selling author John Bevere paints a vivid picture of the way our earthly lives shape our eternal existence. Life beyond the final breath is much.

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This was a book that I couldn’t rternity.john fast enough, but I forced myself to stop every few pages and reflect on what was written and apply it to my life. Anyone can see it: Most Christians know their response to the cross determines where they will spend eternity. All that dternity.john communicated in this book are spiritual truths that sit well with my spirit.

But, in light of the Parable of the Sower we ought to expect to see this from time to time. This book is a life-changing book if you use it as a Bible study it will change your life!

Hardcoverpages. He keeps referring back to the visions individuals had of “seeing heaven or hell after they died and came back to life. Because of this book, I am more focused on living each day with eternity in mind.

In a time of YOLO and living for today, it truly makes you focus on eternity.

Driven by Eternity : Make Your Life Count Today & Forever

It has a lot to chew on and if you are not careful in evaluating yourself, it can offend you at first glance. Jonathan Edwards did likewise to a group of church attendees many years before.

However they are not disconnected. I will never be the same after listening to this book! This is the fuel for the journey.


Understanding why and how to fear god is the beginning of knowing Him as He yearns to be known. John Bevere uses very tough love in this book to wake you This book was a hard read. The main thrust of the book: This audiobook will do more than ask you to change your behavior. Rather, the parable indicates, that there are those who, though they seem to be numbered among the saved, prove to be otherwise.

I closed this book feeling as though I had just received the biggest pep talk and kick in the rear simultaneously.

Driven by Eternity : John Bevere :

I realised my heart had become bitter with unforgiveness which I justified because the had in fact wronged me. Understanding that prayer is a dialogue, not a monologue, Bevere encourages us to listen at the Father’s feet.

But I also felt at times he spoke authoritatively about some of the personal words he received from God, as if they were true for everyone and the exact interpretation of the verses he quoted. It will go up in smoke even while you may be saved. There is a truth in that interaction about our relationship with Father God: I have gone from church to church looking for one that preaches what I read in the Bible. Very deep about what Christians and non-believers should be doing NOW to prepare for their eternal existence.

Jul 15, Jacob Marriott rated it it was amazing. The truth is, both are right – and both are wrong. Not only that the 10th anniversary edition has an amazing cover, and I’m a sucker for good graphics and font. Truth etegnity.john told, we are eternal beings now, yet its reality awaits all of us.

This In a day of politically correct churches and a watered down gospel, this book will set you straight on what the Bible does say and the consequences of the way we think and live this life – for good and for bad. But is that all there is to it?


Concepts like eternity and the size of our universe are too big eternity.jlhn us to understand with our minds. A wake up call I’ve considered myself a pretty good Christian doing mission work and being saved out of a rebellious past. Other readers may enjoy this book, and glean some great insights.

When Jonathan Edwards first preached his now famous sermon on July 8,the response was amazing. The writing is simple without diminishing the content, you can almost hear Johns voice reading the book. Published April 10th by FaithWords first published If you’re looking for a light, breezy read constantly patting you beverr the back and telling you what a great person you are in God’s eyes like a Joel Osteen bookthis ain’t it.

I,too, believe that there will be many shocked Christains when we stand before Jesus Christ on Judgement Day! Since we cannot grasp eternity intellectually, we will have to listen with our hearts for anything meaningful to happen.

Driven by Eternity: Making Your Life Count Today & Forever

I would have preferred more of an emphasis on doing good works because that’s what we are called to do and because drlven love God. Once you get past the allegory you begin to realize how much the choices you make today impact your destiny. However, this is nowhere taught in Scripture. True words from GOD If your life safe?