Editions. Double Cross . Malorie Blackman ‘Blackman “gets” people she ” gets” humanity as a whole, too’ Guardian. Just this once. Double Cross has ratings and reviews. Reading Corner said: I enjoyed this book but I think the series should have ended on the last book as thi. Double Cross [Malorie Blackman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. the dust jacket is not very clean but the it self is in very good shape.

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She enters the house rouble discovers that Callum had left her a letter telling her to meet him at the family’s private beach. She hugs her daughter too tightly while she sing the famous song “Rainbow Child”.

I didnt like Tobey as a character and the things he did just didnt make sense. The plot wasn’t bad, there are so many different sociological aspects that could be examined in the context of this blackmn, but it was quite disjointed compared to the clear lineal structure between the first three novels.

That fails, and Jude shoots her in the shoulder.

Double Cross by Malorie Blackman | LoveReading

Other books in the series. During a time alone, Callum visits a hurt Malorle in the room where she is being held. Callie Rose also fears that Jude, her uncle, is still alive since he is known for serving revenge cold. But in the early stages of ‘Double Cross’ I began to have a small feeling of doubt, could he have survived, somehow I couldn’t completely put it past him.

The story ends with a newspaper cutting announcing the birth of their child, Callie Rose, with an announcement from Sephy that her daughter will take her father’s surname of McGregor.

I hear this book was an afterthought anyway and this series was originally going to be the first three books which is how I choo 2. Kids at Random House.


Sephy is a cross, the privileged treated by noughts as inferiors, but Callum was a nought. I think that if I’d carried on reading the books in a closer concession I pro 3.

Jude punches Sephy in the stomach, and the gang members take her to their hideout. Sephy decides to meet up with him but later crpss finds out that Callum is there with others from the LM to kidnap her and hold her hostage.

Callie Rose had been told by her mother that her father, Backman, had been a gardener who died in an accident. I wound up ordering this book through an international blackmn via Amazon. The series takes place in an alternate 21st-century Britain. Like the racial turf war being fought by the two kingpins who are busy holding everyone down. This is the best series I have ever read. However, most of her classmates do not accept her association with a nought. Completely off topic, it hasn’t got to do with anything!!!

Rebecca loves his company, as he treats her like a person, unlike other boys, who are interested only in her family and money. Quotes from Double Cross. Next post Favourite Book Authors. When I got this book and read in the bit of info about the book in the dust cover and I read ‘Callie Rose and her boyfriend Tobey’ I almost screamed.

So I think his death at the end of the last book was perfect, devastating but perfect for the character and clearly the end he was always running towards. Both decide to keep the baby. Noughts and Crosses is a powerful quartet, one I recommend to fans of mature YA.

Double Cross (Noughts & Crosses, #4) by Malorie Blackman

Still thrilling but I don’t feel like it should have ended the way that it did. Only Callum knows that it was suicide, as Lynette had left him a secret note that talks of her depression after an attack on her and her Cross boyfriend. Overall, I liked this a lot. Tobey dives into the world of crime to attempt to make a better future for himself and Callie Rose.


Double Cross by Malorie Blackman book review

Jul 18, Samuel. What happens next shatters their world and sends Tobey on a journey of revenge that doble him to the very heart of the warfare between criminal gangs and corrupt police officers. Tobey’s manipulative and intelligent plans were interesting to watch unfold.

Even when she does wake up from her coma he pushes her away. What he has no Toby is in love with his best friend, Callie. I could write a whole thesis on why he’s such a compelling character but for I’ll say he is my one true terrorist love, I should seek cros.

P I am a total fangirl and you will get random posts from me. After Kamal denies that she is his granddaughter, Jude, now blackan General of the LM, exploits her anger to groom her to become a suicide bomber.

They decide to run away together. The third book had drawn everything to a nice close, and to be honest, I couldn’t really see where the characters could be taken now.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Callum has to leave school, and Ryan faces the gallows. Callum sprints to Sephy’s house and fails to catch up with the car as it pulls out of the driveway.

In the epilogue, it is revealed that both Callie and Doble go to university to study law and that Blaclman has set up and helps fund the Meadowview Shelter to help those with drug and alcohol addictions. This book finalises the Noughts and Crosses series.