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Do And Die : The Chittagong Uprising 1930-34

Well, take your pick! I had not yet finished writing An Englishman in Terror at the point that I read Do and Die, yet the seeds were now sown for my second novel, that would become The Jasmine Sari. After the raids, the revolutionary group gathered outside the police armoury where Surjya Sen took a military salute, hoisted the National Flag and proclaimed a Provisional Revolutionary Government amid cries of Bande mataram [Hail Motherland] and Inquilab zindabad [Long Live the Revolution].

In spite of this remarkable subject matter, the film Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se drew a muted response from the audience. The s was a period of great radicalisation in India with little ideological consensus within the nationalist movement. Masterda and his comrades, continuously on the run, were finally caught in February The bigger group, largely comprising tired but exhilarated teenagers who did not know the extent of the setback they had suffered, retreated with “Masterda” as Surjya Sen was calledNirmal Sen and Ambica Chakrabarti into the Nagarkhana Hills that flanked Chittagong.

The revolutionary chapter or what Chatterjee says has been inaccurately called the “terrorist” chapter of the freedom movement had a complex and not entirely inimical relationship with the non-violent freedom movement led by the Congress under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi.

Suriti rated it really liked it Jun 07, Netra Sen’s wife was a staunch supporter of Surjya Sen, and was horrified by her husband’s betrayal. Thy name is Coleus: Roshmi Sinha March 19, at This is a book well researched and well told, and certainly enriches our understanding of an important part of our history. The Chittagong Uprising New Delhi: You can punish me, you can even kill me, but I shall never tell the name of the person who killed my husband.


Vishal rated it did not like it Aug 20, Being a history buff, I really wanted to know what actually happened in Chittagong. On the contrary, more and more young people were keen to directly participate. In an official report submitted inthe British officials noted this as a particularly alarming phenomenon.

Would be interested in touching base with you. After completing school, she went to the Lester B.

Read more posts from HWO. The young rebels, mostly teenagers, fought desperately with only police muskets to hand against well-trained troops with superior weapons. View my complete profile. While the armoury contained the best collection of weapons in the district, this proved quite useless, as the ammunition to use it was not stored there. Protik Basu rated it it was amazing Oct 07, A new magazine had been recently built which the revolutionaries did not know about.

Throughout British India, independence movements began to gain strength during the ‘s. But if she wanted to inform me of the events of Chiitagong beween and and to eie me undersatnd what it feels like to have a foreigner occupying your beloved country – full marks on both counts!

Musings of an Unknown Indian: Do and Die: The Chittagong Uprising: by Manini Chatterjee.

Surjya Sen was charged with treason and sentenced to death. The survivors later split into smaller groups and spread out to nearby villages in search of refuge. You can do anything with me. The Chittagong Uprising, Manini Chatterjee persuasively argues, marks a new stage in the participation of women in the freedom struggle. Their actions stunned the colonial power and ignited the spark of rebellion throughout Bengal.

After I read the book, I was sort of pissed off at our education system for passing off such an important and more importantly, almost successful revolution as a one liner in our NCERT books. Rather like the false populist story behind the Boston Tea Party, it serves little purpose to either history, or the lessons we can draw from it, if we lose balance and accuracy.

Posts that keep the gray cells from graying and tickle the funny bone too! This took very interesting forms in colonial Bengal, of which Chittagong was a part. Sep 26, Philip Tucker rated it really liked it. Chatterjee does justice to the subject and keeps you hooked even though you know the fate of the uprising already from the movie and the one line you read about it in history books. One evening while she was serving dinner to her husband… a supporter of Surjya Sen came into the house carrying a very big knife called “daa” in Bengali … with one stroke of which he chopped off the head of Netra Sen in the presence of his wife… and left as slowly and silently he had come.


The raid was successful but Pritilata was badly wounded.

Do And Die : The Chittagong Uprising by Manini Chatterjee

Due to well founded fears of mass revolt, the time of his execution dir kept a closely guarded secret. Call it by any name, its lovely, isn’t it? Chatterjee describes the events that followed.

But before Netra Sen could get his 10,rupee reward the revolutionaries killed him. Thanks for your interest in the the piece. Striking and graphic accounts of the battle of Jalalabad, the encounter at Dhalghat, the attack at Pahartali and the underground resistance form the core of the book. Bidisha Banerjee rated it it was amazing Sep 10, Arunima Mukherjee rated it liked anr Apr 19, For this reason, if no other, I found the book utterly fascinating.

The original group found itself separated and in two.

Musings of an Unknown Indian. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Bollywood & Revolutionary Bengal: Revisiting the Chittagong Uprising (1930-34)

I was lucky enough to be working with a group of police officer friends from Bangladesh and we candidly discussed these diametrically opposed perspectives as a way of understanding chattejee nature of terrorism, the fact that it is viewed differently not only by the two sides of a violent political struggle, but also with the passing of time. Refresh and try again.

A student of chemistry, she would secretly make bombs at her workshop in her Chittagong home.