Why Diamond Nexus The Knot Our Guarantee Our Science The 4C’s of Diamonds Cuts of Diamond Nexus Gemstones Gemstone Size Chart The DreamBook®. Title: Diamond Nexus Engagement Guide, Author: Diamond Nexus, Name: Diamond Nexus Visit to order your $25 DreamBook ®. The Dreambook~ filled with over pages of rings~ Order today and start planning your Discover ideas about Lab Created Diamonds Diamond Nexus . 3.

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We have to save for every investment… We are going through the return process right now and rightly so, have reason to be concerned that they will diaomnd honor it.

I wore my 1. Only time will tell.

The experience nezus beginning to end was great. It remains beautiful although I was initially very skeptical about how it would look a year out. I love my ring and get compliments on it regularly. So your info was very very very helpful to me. We are talking about business people here, and probably ones that had guidance. I had, in the past, done research on these types of diamonds and really felt comfortable making the purchase. I don’t have any diamond earrings, although I neus have real pearls and emeralds.

I am a business coach and consultant, and I would engcourage ANY business owner to incorporate, and do so in an ideal state, not the one they reside in. My setting was from nsxus local jewelry store read: Check out all the great details: Your email address will not be published.


If that is important to you, I would go with a size that you could afford diamond wise. We were blatently told that one of the primary values of incorporation was that the corporation becomes a separate entity from ourselves, under a concept known as corporate veil.

Diamond Nexus – A Customer’s Perspective

One of my favorite is the custom jewelry section on their website. The experience was great, and everything went off without a hitch. But I know that the setting is solid and secure, and the ring itself perfectly matches the white gold wedding band that we bought at the Shane Company when we got married. I simply cleaned it with some mild dish soap and a toothbrush when I would get home or the next morning.

My question dreamboko FB, in January of you mentioned you had worn it for 3 years and it still looked great. If DNL has the product diiamond want, I can recommend them highly. Terri, My experience was exactly the opposite. If you hold the DNL stone right next to a high quality stone mine is 1. How the company stays in business after ripping off so many buyers is dreamhook mystery!!! So, to get to my point lol I talk in circles He ordered my ring last night.


They were marveled at my ring without doing a complete test. I have no complaints at all about the workmanship of the ring. I ordered my ring from DNL using the piece of string method to size my finger. Whatever you and your girlfriend decide, my advice is to research any company thoroughly before purchasing off the internet.

Every Gal Needs Something That Sparkles: Diamond Nexus Earring Review! | Jenns Blah Blah Blog

Spent some time reading through the comments. We have been very happy with every purchase. My boyfriend and i have been talking about getting engaged for a wile now but he just doent have the money to go out and get a real diamond.

I went to a local jewelry store and had them measure my finger using a ring sizer, and they got 4. They both shine so beautiful. Their stones are absolutely gorgeous to the naked eye. The jewelry looks and feels exactly like a real diamond. I will never buy from them or any other lab created diamonds. Dixmond am ok with a fake one as long as it looks real.