DA FORM 3433-1 PDF

Form, MS Word, PDF Format, MS Excel. DA , Optional Application For Non- Appropriated Fund Employment. DA , Supplemental Employment. Windows is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Mac is a trademark of Apple Inc. military members must provide copy of DD Form ) 1. NAME. DA FORM , JAN , IS OBSOLETE. DA FORM , AUG DATA REQUIRED BY.

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Consideration of Priority 3 selection not mandatory.


If this position requires you to use a government computer, you will be required to complete a favorable NAC. Provides security at designated areas by patrolling the premises to prevent unauthorizedaccess. If there are applicants from Priority 4, thenselection may be made from Priority 3 or 4. Published by Guset Userra Unless presentlyemployed as a NAF employee at Fort Polk applicants must furnish proof of employment status byproviding the latest 3433- of DA Form An OAV is an applicant who has served on activeduty for at least six months prior to 15 October ; served in a campaign or expedition for which abadge is authorized and who has not been previously employed by a NAF activity.

Create your own flipbook. Requests for reasonable accommodation are made on a case-by-case basis. Begins 30 days prior to military sponsor’s reportingdate and continues through entire ad or until acceptance or declination of a continuing position offer NAF, APF, or AAFES whether preference was applied or not. NAF employees and applicants will be free from reprisal inmaking protected disclosures and the confidentiality of the employees and applicants will be protected.


Cleans and conditions bowling lanes and return racks; maintains proper stock levels of spare parts and pins for automatic pin setter and mechanical equipment; and assists with general maintenance and cleaning of bowling facilities. You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes!

Candidates with prior active military service must have the original copy of their latest form DD showing the nature and character of discharge verified and copy for submission with the application.

Maintains prescribed area in a clean and orderly manner. If the applicant did notretire, but previously served in the military regardless of the number of years, then a copy of DD Form member 4 copy is also required. Outside Applicant – non-veteranSelection will be made of Priority 1 applicants before all other Priorities.

Current and former employees 4. An ISM preference is terminatedupon placement or declination of a position whichever comes first.

Operates a motor vehicle. In the absence of Priority 1applicants, selection will be made of Priority 2 applicants before all other Priorities. Satisfactory completion of all required background checks in accordance with AR All applicants will be free from reprisal in making protected disclosure and the confidentiality of applicants making such disclosures will be protected whistleblower protection.

Applicants selected for employment will be required to complete DA Supplemental Application Form as a condition of employment. All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race,color, creed, sex, national origin, politics, marital status, physical handicap which does not interferewith the accomplishment of the jobage, membership or non-membership in a labor organization. An individual can only receive this preference once. If you are selected for any NAF position, please note that every job offer is tentative and contingent onthe successful completion of all pre-employment background checks and physical examinations.

Be physically able to frequently lift and carry objects weighing up to 40 pounds. Ensures that patrons comply with applicable rules and standards. Reports incidents to properauthorities. Military spouses who wish to apply based on preference must submit a copy of their sponsor’s PCS orders.


Checks membership cards of persons desiring entrance to the facility. Read the Text Version.

Redstone Arsenal Bowling Facility Maintenance Job Announcement

Ability to obtain a valid motor vehicle operator’s permit tooperate a motor vehicle upon appointment. Must at times be persuasive and forceful in dealing with persons whose conduct is unacceptable. Selection preferences for all competitive recruitment actions forpositions NF-3 and below, to include all prevailing rate positions, will be given according to thefollowing priorities: Ensures compliance with fire, safety, andsecurity standards.

Inspects grounds for fire, break-in, vandalism or trespassing. Non-continuing positions include thefollowing: No prior training or work experience required.

If there are noapplicants available from Priority 1 or 2, then consideration will be as follows: Refusal of a military spouse to participate in established recruitment procedures e. Ca FNE is a former employee who previously workedfor Nonappropriated Torm regardless of dates of prior employment or location.

Be able to understand and follow written instructions. To obtain credit for education a copy of the original transcript must be verified and submitted with the application. If there are Priority 4 applicants, selection may not bemade from Priority 5 unless pass over of a Veteran to select a non-veteran is approved by the GarrisonCommander.

Have ability to handle tools and equipment used. Awaiver may be requested to alleviate financial hardship. Familiarizes self with ofrm of 34331 in order to inform patrons of scheduledactivities.