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View all 55 comments. You do want to write down some of the lines, so that you can use them on your friends, but secretly you know that you’ll never get into a situation where they’d be equally appropriate or funny. Finally she limped away from the fray, her glad rags askew.

John Kennedy Toole John Kennedy Toole had an neckos life and took his own life, unfortunately, before Ignatius was ever realized by the reading public. Paperbackpages. Maybe it’s because Toole is the first person since Swift who could make satire purr like a satisfied lap cat.

Alas, no such reward awaited me. To be honest, oennedy eyes kind of glazed over kennesy I don’t remember the rest of his rant, but I finished the book anyway.

This is kenned about the shiny new iPhone I acquired recently, the very device that signaled another blow to my pseudo-Luddite ways by thrusting me into the joyous world of being owned by a smartphone Suddenly, the hatred I felt and still feel for one Ignatius Jacques Reilly grew in all directions, as if it, fonjura, were glutting itself on Paradise Hot Dogs.

Indeed, I pitched it and moved on to greener and funnier pastures before the halfway mark, a deed which, at that time in my life—and so long ago that I can barely recall any specifics of what took place—was simply unheard of.

He’s motivated by the greater good, only he hasn’t factored people into the equation. I’m afraid my lingering disillusion with this necioe prevents my ability to form any more specific of an analysis.

A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole

We hate in others what we hate most about ourselves, and Ignatius love-hates her because they’re too much alike in all the wrong ways. As was Miniver Cheevy, he was born too late. He is not content with conformity: Perhaps the actress playing your humble reviewer could be seated at a ksnnedy at the Cafe du Monde, enjoying a cafe au lait and plate of beignets. Myrna visits Ignatius with the intention of removing him from the City of Vice and the vice-like grip of his mother.


On the Southern L El autor, John K.

There were actually a lot of folks who I liked simply because they didn’t annoy me, like Darlene and Mr. My God, if I’d only persevered for another year or so, I’d have Authors who commit suicide find their Lovelybones-eye view from the afterlife brings them no comfort: John Kennedy Toole had committed suicide over a decade before this book had eventually been published, and thereafter won a posthumous Pulitzer.

My burning dislike of the book’s main character slipped its tentacles of ire around nearly every facet of my life to the point where I was transferring my irritation to probably undeserving but still irksome strangers. Ignatius’s path through the working world is populated by marvelous secondary characters: In Toole was posthumously awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

La Conjura De Los Necios

But his wife was also expecting a baby any day, so it occurred to me that he kenndy other things on his mind. What is it that makes some people despise it?

So I always thought this was written by a contemporary of Jonathan Swift’s. But every paper-and-ink copy I found had a cover that I absolutely hated and now that I jennedy the character, I’m annoyed that Ignatius looks more like a happy-go-lucky buffoon on many of the cover images when he is, in fact, a detestable, pretentious little wanker who masks his inability to relate to other people with an abrasive, overeducated front. View all 30 comments.

He got pissed off at me and told me that I toloe get it. Perhaps this was the plan of some devious alpha-male, to thus corrupt the otherwise sheltered and virginal innocence of my mentality.

La Conjura de Los Necios

I can not imagine why. And it won what?

The comparisons to Don Quixote are unavoidable, but whereas Quixote was roguish and loveable, Ignatius never achieves the heroic, even mock heroism. It was my buddy Colin who picked the book. Confederacy of Dunces is a masterpiece of satire and irony, a worthy recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for best novel.


It’s usually an unspoken understanding that I can recognize why a work is so universally lauded but that it just didn’t tickle me the way it ought to have. When he ventures into reality for some purpose or other, it inevitably results in chaos and disorder, so there’s a sense in which he’s an agent of chaos. A Kennedyy of Dunces keeps my faith in books in ways that few other novels can.

I got air condition and a transistor radio an’ I read this poem up there at the top o this page an I wrote it down in one of them tablets the big guy in that green hat like so much. Miniver scorned the gold he sought, Bu A Confederacy of Dunces: Oh, what genius has the world lost with the tragic demise of John Kennedy Toole?

Toole’s novels remained unpublished during his lifetime. I’ve come to realize that, for me, a mere “liked it” is usually the most apologetic rating.

La Conjura de Los Necios : John Kennedy Toole :

Ugh god I loved it so much that I’m actually finding it hard to write anything coherent because all I can think of is superlatives and hyperbole. Meanwhile, as Ignatius fails to bring home the bacon to pay off her accident costs, Irene, the doting mother is persuaded by her friend Santa Batagglia and her possible suitor Claude Robichaux that Ignatius has become insane. His interactions with others are marked by a tendency towards sociopathy.

Momento kenned el que, como dice su protagonista, Fortuna hace girar su rueda hacia abajo y nunca kenbedy cual es la desagradable sorpresa que nos depara el destino. Oh my sweet motherfuck. Overall, I strongly disliked the book. View all 6 comments.