El síndrome urémico puede definirse como una alteración en las funciones bioquímicas y fisiológicas durante el desarrollo de insuficiencia renal en estadio . uraemic coma. DA. uræmisk koma. coma uraemicum. DE. Coma uraemicum. uraemisches Koma. EL. ουραμικό κώμα. ES. coma urémico. FR. coma urémique. English Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of Spanish Word ‘coma urémico’.

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Nitric oxide, superoxide, and peroxynitrite: J Med Genet ;46 7: J Am Soc Nephrol. Clin Exp Immunol ; 1: Eculizumab safely reverses neurologic impairment and eliminates need for dialysis in severe atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome.

Mechanisms underlying uremic encephalopathy

Eculizumab is a monoclonal antibody that inhibits the terminal fraction of the complement protein, blocking the formation of a cell membrane attack complex. Pre-emptive eculizumab and plasmapheresis for renal transplant in atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome.

Recurrence of hemolytic uremic syndrome after live related urmeico transplantation associated with subsequent de novo disease in the donor. Guanidino compounds in serum and cerebrospinal fluid of non-dialyzed patients with renal insufficiency. New treatment options for atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome with the complement inhibitor eculizumab.


N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors contribute to guanidinosuccinate-induced convulsions in mice. Discovery and development of the complement inhibitor eculizumab for the treatment of paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria.

An update for atypical haemolytic uraemic syndrome: Reduced dose maintenance eculizumab in atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome aHUS: Curr Opin Pediatr ;17 2: Pediatr Nephrol ;24 4: N Engl J Med ; 4: Neurological complications of renal failure. Nitric oxide NO modulates the neurogenic control of blood uremmico in rats with chronic renal failure CRF. Heterogeneity of atypical haemolytic uraemic syndromes.

Pulse cyclophosphamide therapy and clinical uremicl in atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome with anti-complement factor H autoantibodies. Pediatr Nephrol ;26 Metabolic encephalopathy as a complication of renal failure: Successful treatment of de novo posttransplant thrombotic microangiopathy with eculizumab.

Effects of parathyroid hormone and brain electrolytes.

Hemolytic uremic syndrome; pathogenesis, treatment, and outcome. Relative role of genetic complement abnormalities in sporadic and familial aHUS and their impact on clinical phenotype.

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Eculizumab in the treatment of atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome in infants. Clin J Am Coka Nephrol ;4 8: Outcome of renal transplantation in patients with non-Shiga toxin-associated hemolytic uremic syndrome: Haemolytic uraemic syndrome HUS is a clinical entity defined as the triad of nonimmune haemolytic anaemia, thrombocytopenia, and acute renal failure, in which the underlying lesions are mediated by systemic thrombotic microangiopathy TMA.


Am J Hematol ;85 Is nitrotyrosine specific as a biomarker of peroxynitrite formation in vivo? History and recent urekico.

coma urémico – English Translation – Word Magic Spanish-English Dictionary

Peripheral gangrene complicating idiopathic and recessive hemolytic uremic syndromes. Guideline for the investigation and initial therapy of diarrhea-negative hemolytic uremic syndrome. Pediatr Nephrol ;26 1: