ChemSketch has two modes, each with different toolbar functions: You will start in individual features, please consult the software manual or Help menu. ACD/ChemSketch is a powerful structure drawing and naming software program. This Technical Note After all radicals have been created, choose the manual. Introduction to ChemSketch. ChemSketch is a free download for educational use. It can be used to produce structures of organic molecules, names of organic.

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Sometimes you want to label an “atom” a particular position on a structure with something other than an ordinary element symbol. It is up to the user to specify atoms other than C or H. Access the various templates from the drop-down menu or from the tool bars at the top and right side of the Structure Mode window. It is still a 2D object, however. I am running v 1. If you need to know how to do something, open Help. If you want to run ChemSketch with other systems, see Notes: Then select the correct number of atoms in the molecule length – 2; bond angle – 3; torsion angle – 4.

As a result, the version numbers for the free program do not, alone, make much sense. So, the mere fact that you are in the 3D module does not mean that you have a proper 3D structure. Unusual atoms labels X for halogen, Me, etc M. Branches are specified by enclosing them in parentheses, and can be nested or stacked. Drawing cis-trans isomers at double bonds. Now, put the pointer on one of the C-C bonds in the propane structure.

Structure Drawing- Manual

Chemistry drawing programs usually draw C atoms by default, and they usually provide the proper number of hydrogen atoms. You use the C tool — the default — for this. More information about this feature is in the section Antialiasingbut it is probably ok to just turn it on. You will know when the pointer is properly positioned, because a faint box will appear chemssketch the atom with its hydrogens.


Chesmketch suggest you explore what both templates offer. See the section Import and export file types. You can view and manipulate the 3-dimensional structure, in the 3D module. If you want to run ChemSketch under Linux, go to the page https: Lay down ring 1, at the left. Screen shot to show how ChemSketch names a structure.

Since antialiasing is a display feature, not intrinsic to the drawing, it may or may not be included when you copy a structure to another application. See Contact information, below. Generally, the Structure mode generates structural mannual of the file such as atoms and bonds and the Draw mode allows you to enhance them with arrows, boxes, and non-structure drawings. In normal use, you would just modify the original. The installation program installs two programs, ChemSketch itself and a program called 3D.

Two of the tool buttons are already “lit up” when you open ChemSketch. For the most part, you will probably find little difference between this and previous versions of ChemSketch, for basic functions. You can also reach this by pressing F6. A new version, called 1. You may want to get an older version of ChemSketch.


Some aids for drawing Lewis structures are available on templates. If those buttons do not appear, it means that you have not yet opened the other module.

This feature will result in less jagged lines on the screen output. If you find any of this page to not be correct for version 14, please contact me.

Sometimes you want a particular group to point in a certain direction, and the drawing program may insist it point in another manua. At this point, you have a 2D structure on the screen in ChemSketch. Elements in the following “organic subset” typically have well-defined valences and may be written without brackets if the number of attached hydrogens conforms to the lowest normal valence consistent with explicit bonds.


The program has adjusted the geometry of the 2D sketch to the lowest energy molecular conformation anti staggered. What geometry is exhibited by PCl5? ChemSketch provides templates of several “complex” structures, allowing you to add these structures as a unit.

Note that ChemSketch, by default, adjusts the number of H shown to fit. IrfanView is at https: Make sure you notice chhemsketch little icon that indicates more than one page for many of these templates.

If you do not see the 3D Viewer tool button, you may need to add it to the toolbar. Can you Link the ChemSketch object? The free version of ChemSketch is related to a commercial product from the same company. The instructions for converting to and viewing in 3D above work for all structures drawn in ChemSketch. When you are in the 3D module, this button at the lower left, near Start, lets you switch back to the ChemSketch module.

In both modes, there are drop down dialog boxes maanual panels in which you make stylistic choices among different fonts, line widths, etc. A “heteroatom” is an atom other than C or H. The view switches to 3D and the molecule appears in the window.

Screen shot of the upper left hand corner of the opening screen.