CCNP ROUTE Instructor Lab Manual. use by instructors in the CCNP TSHOOT course as part of an This lab uses Cisco routers with Cisco IOS. CCNP TSHOOT Student Lab Manual. Share? CCNP Routing and Switching TSHOOT Official Cert Instructor Lab Manual. Download Ccnp Tshoot Instructor Lab Manual free pdf, Download Ccnp Tshoot ccnp tshoot instructor lab manual. this document is exclusive property of.

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Displays all MAC addresses that were learned on the specified port. Lab Structure All contents are Copyright?

Load the device trouble ticket configuration files for TT-B. Define the problem symptoms. However, if the switches that you are using have the capability to track packet statistics for access lists, you might be able to write an access list that matches the specific traffic insttructor you are interested in and isolate the traffic statistics for that type of traffic.

Review the logical lab diagram and the subnets. To simulate an Internet connection, you can ping the R2 Lo0 address at Document the troubleshooting and maintenance features. Displays the MAC address and interface entry in the manhal for the specified host. Students can work individually or as a team.

CCNP TSHOOT 6.0 Student Lab Manual

With hundreds or thousands of hosts attached, access devices such as Layer 2 switches are a common source of networking issues. Tracking packets in real time is a fairly intensive procedure, and technical limitations might restrict the links where traffic captures could be collected. Management VLAN is missing: To regain connectivity for the clients, only one instruvtor the two issues needs to be resolved.


Use only the number of the last octet for IP addresses in the diagram. Assign responsibility for a device or set of devices to team members optional. Therefore, lack of connectivity implies that there must be a problem with both redundant paths. Device Configurations Instructor version Note: As you progress, record what you think the problem might be and what actions you will take to correct the problem.

Use Cisco Discovery Protocol and show commands to verify the Layer 1 and Layer 2 connections of the lab topology.


A junior colleague was tasked with replacing ALS1 with a comparable switch. ALS1 erase startup-config Erasing the nvram filesystem will remove all configuration files! 60

Document trouble ticket debrief notes. Trunk ports tsjoot not listed. The last list can be very helpful in determining whether frames for a particular VLAN will be forwarded on a trunk. Enter the username admin and enable password ciscoenpa Packets are not being received, which is shown by using a packet sniffer on the receiving host.

Discuss how different teams used different commands and how each of those commands revealed information about the network. Analyze the configurations of the devices for services that support troubleshooting and maintenance, such as syslog, Simple Network Management Protocol SNMPand other network management features.


CCNP TSHOOT Instructor Lab Manual_图文_百度文库

Link status across the path: This will help you learn about the design and implementation of their network and ensure that you have All contents are Copyright? Process for loading device configuration files. The following device access methods are in effect after loading the configuration files: This directory contains the baseline configuration file for that device as well as the configuration files for the labs in this course.

Use the show cdp command to discover the interfaces associated with the physical la. If working as a team, discuss your findings with your teammates to ensure that all team members understand the high-level design of the network.

Diagram the spanning tree for VLAN If the device is rebooted at this point, you can log in with the username admin and the password adminpa Start the syslog server on SRV1, which is the syslog server for the entire network. Map the subnet scheme to the logical diagram. Determining the expected path and verifying the actual path often go hand-in-hand.

Is there an operational trunk between the two switches?