Rootabaga Stories [Carl Sandburg, Maud And Miska Petersham] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Welcome to Rootabaga Country– where. Presents Sandburg’s fanciful, humorous tales peopled with such characters as the Potato Face Blind Man, the Blue Wind Boy, and many others. Rootabaga Stories. By. Carl Sandburg. Author of “Slabs of the Sunburst West,” ” Smoke and Steel,” “Chicago Poems,” “Cornhuskers”.

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Rootabaga Stories

Mencken called Carl Sandburg “indubitably an American in every pulse-beat”. It’s prose poetry on the theme of children’s stories, by an author known for his way with words and brawny, muscular use of American folk idiom as poetry.

Sandburg was every bit as good an author of children’s stories as saneburg was a poet or a biographer. Please try again later. I believe Sandburg wrote the stories to tell to his own children as American fairy tales set in a country more familiar to American children than the forests, storied, moors and country side of Europe and involving more familiar sorts of home spun characters than princesses, knights, witches, wizards, fairies and dragons. These beautiful new editions retain the original illustrations b Welcome to Rootabaga Country–where the railroad tracks go from straight to zigzag, where the pigs wear bibs, and where the Village of Cream Puffs floats in the wind.

Books by Carl Sandburg. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Rootabaga stories

Rootabaga Stories is a set of fantasy stories that Carl Sandburg had written over his lifetime. Wonderful folkish tales I am ignorant about the background of this collection- whether it is entirely original or at least inspired by stories Sandburg had collected, or something?

Wife and Widow Abraham Lincoln: This book is made up of short stories that are funny but bizarre. They are American fairy tales with a rural flavor and, in fact, they have no evil characters.


We’re in the land of the pigs cral bibs on, the village of the cream puffs, the village of Liver-and-Onions, the rusty rats, the potato face blind man, Any Ice Today, and millions of zizzies hizzing with little hizzers on their heads. View all 4 comments. This is a wow book for me because the stories within it are feel good fun stories that are entertaining.

Carl Sandburg’s Rootabaga Stories

Carl SandburgAmerican poet, historian, novelist, and folklorist. His impossibly acquired firsthand knowledge of the stories zandburg to the book’s narrative feel and fantastical nature.

Unless maybe that is the point? Great read aloud books for children and others. There doesn’t seem to be any hint in the Sandburg bio that he was inspired by the Kipling tales, roottabaga it seems likely It’s always hard to get there right balance. Paperbackpages. Each set of short stories is grouped together by one title.

Writing for a specific person is not the same as writing for an unknown audience. He felt that the European stories involving royalty and knights were inappropriate, and so set his stories in a fictionalized American Midwest called “the Rootabaga country” filled with farms, roofabaga, and corn fairies.

Brought to mind Italo Calvino’s Cosmicomicswhich I read earlier this year. You join an elite group: Overall, I thought this was an entertaining book; frustrating at times, but a worthwhile read. With all the stresses of life, why wouldn’t you want to read a fun loving story about a Rag Doll and Broom getting married!! I absolutely love this book because it is more than just one story it is a collection of lots of stories just about each chapter is a new story.

Gimme the Ax doesn’t seem like a guy who should have children are they even his? There’s a lot of invention here, on occasions it gets contrived and perhaps a bit precious, but when Sandburg is in full flow the words are like nonsensical music- the overall effect being more important than the narrative. It started out great Although the events of the stories may not be explainable, the stories are replete with concrete images.


Wish I’d had Rootabaga Stories read to me as a child. Good stuff for children still happily living in the Age of Nonsense. Children and literary critics alike would be hard-pressed to explain even symbolically the events that occur in the stories.

Writing for children is harder than it seems, and these stories are a case in point.

Rootabaga Stories by Carl Sandburg

This is a set of stories that belongs on every “read aloud” shelf, right next to all the Dr. Rootabaga Stories is a children’s book of interrelated short stories by Carl Sandburg. But if three boys go to the grocery for a jug of molasses each and all together then it is not like always at all, at all.

Apparently Sandberg wrote these to be American fairy tales, feeling that traditional fairy tales from Europe had too many references to things we don’t have here such as royalty.

Internet URLs are the best. Help us improve this article! Dec 06, Djrmel rated it really liked it Shelves: But then, I realized, stories like these are cafl meant to be analyzed.

Seuss and the telling of dreams. Tolstoy, Kipling, Clemens, Huxley, Dickens, Thackeray – well, it looks like this club is open to anyone who can write.