Capparis decidua, a medicinal plant of family Capparaceae grows abundantly in wild arid regions of Asia, Africa and Saudi Arabia. The plant. PDF | On Jan 1, , Pradeep Singh and others published Capparis decidua- An important medicinal plant: A review of Its Traditional Uses, Phytochemistry and. Capparis decidua (Forsk.) is belonging to family Capparidaceae, yet important medicinal plant of Indian Medicinal Plants. In the traditional.

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Is any additional information needed? Capparis decidua At Lothal, Gujrat 22March, Names of Plants in India site. Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park:: I have eaten Kerda achhar as an young child on visits to my grandma.

The photos are taken in flowering season, May From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fruits turn pinkish after ripening.

Capparis decidua

For the village in India, see Kair, Delhi. Capparis decidua from Kachchh: Karir I am quite relieved to know this is a common plant and found over a vast habitat from Africa to Rajasthan. Sharing few pics of plant habitat and fruits of Capparis decidua. Capparis decidua From Panipat Refinery Area.


Had clicked these pictures on the 3rd of August, while wayfaring through Suvai, East Kachchh. This one was shot today morning from Panipat.

Capparis decidua – Wikipedia

But a close inspection will reveal that this is an important adaptation for continuity of the populations. A cappxris, spinous shrub with red or scarlet flowers, fruit a berrymuch relished as a pickle, dark red when ripe.

Details of some important contributors. Retrieved from ” https: Khair city has many Kair’s trees in India. For the village in Iran, see Kair, Iran.

But had never seen the flowers, everytime a capparis has been submitted here I have yearned to see the Kerda nu jaad. Nepti This is Capparis aphylla as identified cappzris It seems paradoxical that plants should produce flowers and fruits during the driest period when there is maximum water stress.

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Books on Indian Flora. Role of eFI in Sc.


This is Capparis decidua. This particular big shrub of Capparis desidua was profusely flowering on the periphery of the Sanctuary and many Black Bucks were eating something from this shrub Names for the plant include kairkerdakarirkirirkarril Hindi: Wonderful pictureswrite up and the pdf too. dedidua

Stars of the month. It is extremely drought-resistant and tolerates some frost. It can be used in landscape gardeningafforestation and reforestation in semidesert and desert areas; it provides assistance against soil erosion. Sam sand dunes, Jaisalmer:: It is all sticks.

Had posted some pictures from Kachchh a few months back. Attachments 3 Requesting ID of this leafless. Capparis decidua from Jaisalmer, Rajasthan MN This city is famous for Kair trees. Here’s the link this is capparis decidua flrs are red, fruits are pickeld in maharashtra.