Camelot #1 – 12 () FREE Comics Download on CBR CBZ Format. Download FREE DC, Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, Dynamite. When it was first published in , DC Comics’ Camelot was already notable for a number of reasons—it was the first maxi-series; the. CAMELOT · CAMELOT · CAMELOT DELUXE EDITION · CREATURE COMMANDOS · DC RETROACTIVE: BATMAN – THE ’80S #1.

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Arthur was more like a”Thor” like character who did not inspire me one bit in his battle against “evil” aliens.

Barr is an American writer of comic books, and mystery, and science fiction novels. Readers didn’t expect a lot in plot. Books camelto Mike W.

Camelot 3000 #1 – 12 (1982-1985)

Jan 07, Antonio rated it it was amazing. Arthur then attempted to drown the baby among the other May Babies to keep him from becoming a threat to any legitimate heir; but unknown to Arthur, the baby survived.

In addition, I think it was a simpler time. At the time the logistics of transatlantic collaborations were difficult, and the series was created using the full script method in part because it was the easiest way for Barr and Bolland to work together while an ocean separated them. Sir Galahad is changed from an idealized version of the Christian knight to a samurai and devout adherent of bushido.


Together once again, King Arthur, Sir Lancelot, Merlin, and the rest of the classic knights take on the invading extraterrestrials and their wicked leader, Morgan Le Fay, the half-sister of Arthur.

I first read this comic series when I was 12 years old. You know what’s really great about late 80s DC?

Mar 17, Arthurian Tapestry rated it liked it. A fun story about the mythical King Arthur returning to England at its moment of greatest need.

Mar 30, Reyel rated it really liked it. The original character in arthuriana is a wonderful way to show to the reader what is happening, even in such a reincarnation situation, but I would have preferred all the ezpaol to be from his point of view and more about him and how he viewed the other characters.

Camelot 3000

With their leadership gone the aliens are easily beaten back by the forces on Earth. What looked electrifyingly sci-fi back then to my young self is more of a flimsy alternate to generic superhero adventures, lacking convincing character development or fspaol storytelling.

Return to Book Page. Recently, my best friend expressed an interest in reading more comics, and I first read this when I was 14, and it completely blew my mind.

Bruce Patterson Terry Austin. Sally Slocum, the teacher of the course which first inspired Camelotas a creative consultant for the series.

How wrong I was. I’ve had this on my shelf for years, but with all the comics appearing on my feed I thought it about time I have a look again. The adaptation of Le Morte d’Arthur to science camflot conventions is smooth and clever, and even the “improvements” thereto, in the form of the characters’ “do-overs”, so to speak, make fine work of the original material.


This was probably the collection that cemented my admiration for the art form, for its ability to convey messages that art and text on their own just couldn’t quite manage. It seemed like a lazy way to retell the most famous episode of arthuriana.

Camelot by Mike W. Barr

It seemed very thin and being stretched over twelve issues did not help. However, printing techniques at the time were still relatively primitive, and Bolland found that creating pencil art which could be reproduced by the printers was more work than actually inking it. This is a reread. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Just a moment while 33000 sign you in to your Goodreads account. Mar 06, Rachel rated it liked it Shelves: Their enduring love for one another eventually triumphs, and the two become lovers.

And I guess they managed to sucker me into this one as well: Both of these themes were ahead of their time when this was first published. A Novel of Arthur.