unidad farmacología por aparatos sistemas. farmacología del aparato circulatorio . fármacos ionotropos. gasto cardíaco: volumen de sangre impulsado por el. Edición: Comisión de Farmacia y Terapéutica. Redacción: Servicio de Farmacología Clínica. Solicitud de Inclusión de nuevos Fármacos en la. Tamargo J. Farmacología clínica de los calcioantagonistas. Potenciales diferencias basadas en la duración de acción y tipo de formulación. Hipertensión

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New investigational drugs for the management of acute heart failure syndromes.

The Renin-Angiotensin System and Bone. Narrow therapeutic index drugs: Reversal strategies for non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants: Diuretics in the treatment of hypertension.

Expert Rev Cardiovasc Ther ;9: Comparison of agents that affect aldosterone action. Role of reactive oxygen species farmacologgia Kv channel inhibition and vasoconstriction induced by TP receptor activation in rat pulmonary arteries.


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Cardiac electrophysiological effects of nitric oxide. Br J Pharmacol ; G Ital Cardiol ;7: Role of 5-HT2A receptors, caveolin-1, and Kv1. The impact of new and emerging clinical data on treatment strategies for atrial fibrillation.

Drugs of Today ; Diab Vasc Dis Res. Red wine polyphenols prevent endothelial dysfunction induced by endothelin-1 in rat aorta: Investigational positive inotropic agents for acute heart failure. Genetically engineered mice as a model for studying cardiac arrhythmias.

Mechanism of Action of LCZ Eur J Vasc Endovasc Surg. Free Radic Biol Med ; Expert Opin Investig Drugs ; Proteomics Clin Appl ;2: Mol Biol Cell ; Brit J Pharmacol ; Rev Esp Cardiol ;6 Supl D: Interaction of angiotensin II with the type 2 receptor inhibits the transient outward potassium current.

Rev Esp Cardiol ;6 Supl A: Seminars in Nephrology ; Expert Opin Investig Drugs.

Expert Opin Pharmacother ; Cancer chemotherapy and cardiac arrhythmias: Cardiac electrical defects in progeroid mice and Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome patients with nuclear lamina alterations. Complexity of cardiac ion channel macromolecular complexes. Epub May

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