Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Written in , Natsume Soseki’s “Botchan” is based on the author’s experience as a teacher in a “barbaric” country town at a time when. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Botchan by Natsume Soseki.

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The complete review ‘s Review:.

Botchan – Wikipedia

Ketiga hal di muka sebenarnya sangat jarang memengaruhiku dalam memutuskan membeli atau membaca sebuah buku fiksi. That makes sense to me as well. Six years after his mother’s death, as Botchan is finishing middle school, his father falls ill and passes away.

Botchan strikes out against his accusers and foes, as he longs to return to Tokyo and to the old woman who served as the family maid during his troubled childhood, as she is the only person who nurtured and believed in him.

She looks out for him — and is the one who call’s him ‘Botchan’, even after he’s probably outgrown the nickname — and dreams of one day going to live and work in his home when he’s grown up. It’s a kind of coming of age story, looking at a young man from Tokyo dealing with the gossipy strange world of a small town when he moves there to be a teacher. I have a vague feeling the original isn’t full of swear words, though, even if they’re fun to read The main character is a loud, proud, reckless young man from Tokyo, who isn’t very smart and is well aware of it.

Karakter Bochan yang seringkali tidak mempedulikan dampak tindakannya, selalu menuntut keadilan dengan caranya yang blak-blakan.

Kalau orang jujur tidak bisa menang di dunia ini, siapa lagi yang bisa? Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: After Botchan’s mother passes away, Kiyo devotes herself fervently to his welfare, treating him from her own allowance with gifts and favors.


He goes to the University of Tokyo of Physics and emerges with a degree in math, not because he likes math, but because he could pass the classes. He was also a scholar of British literature and composer of haiku, kanshi, and fairy tales. There are some rough passages, but all in all this was a gripping and thoroughly enjoyable portrait of a blunt-spoken, naive young man blustering through things like a bull in a china shop before finding a place of his own in life.

On the other hand, it cannot be denied that it gives the story flair and humor.

His other character flaw is his closed mindedness. Though Botchan describes his youthful self as a hellraiser, he is unprepared for the rural thugs he is expected to teach, some of whom are bigger than he is and all of whom are ruder.

It is one of the most popular novels in Japanread by many Japanese during their bptchan years. Botchan’s story of his life as a middle-school teacher in the Japanese countryside is simple and entertaining. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Wouldn’t their students, and the world at large, be better off that way? May 27, Paquita Maria Sanchez rated it liked it Shelves: Botchan accepts a job teaching in the countryside far away from Tokyo.

Pretty quick and easy going through it but there are points throughout the book that you could just sit and think on. Anyone who has read this and wants to throw two cents my way is more than welcome.

Botchan by Sōseki Natsume

Despite its short length of 92 pages, Botchan was a tedious read that seemed at least twice as long as it actually was. From what I remember, Botchan seems a lot more close minded and discriminative, as opposed to Holden’s lack of sosseki and mental problems.

Tapi, semakin ke belakangtertangkap gambaran karakter Botchan yang selalu blak-blakan dan membenci ketidakadilan, bahkan berani menolak kenaikan gaji yang berasal dari pemecatan Kugo. A lovely book qbout a young teacher from Tokyo, who goes to gather his first working expererience to a school in the countryside.


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The principal becomes The Badger. The narrative shifts around, the emphasis on specific episodes such as the pranks the students pull on him and some of the affairs of the other teachers. I enjoyed it but it wasn’t one I couldn’t put down. Botchan has an attitude problem, and this makes for much of the appeal of the novel. Into this conservative world, with its social proprieties and established pecking order, breezes Botchan, down from the big city, with scant respect for either his elders or his noisy young charges; and the result is a chain of collisions large and small.

It is a coming-of-age story ripe with sarcasm and very entertaining to read. If it was all innocent fun I’d laugh along with them. Of course, he is an awkward, stuttery public speaker and cannot properly defend himself everand so the joke continues to pile on him, incident after incident, as he becomes increasingly insolent and ostracized in this small, humble town which is so far removed from his background of big-city-livin’.

In effect, he seems to be also mocking the shallowness and backwardness of a society that produced, and was perpetuated by, such kind of education. In the end though, I feel that I am lost at what the author is trying to tell me or what to make out of it. De verdad, fue un sufrimiento acabarlo.

A sympathetic narrator, prone to rash acts, Botchan’s story of his life as a teacher is bumpy and comes to a fairly quick and somewhat simplistic conclusion but entertaining. They stake out Red Shirt’s known haunt, an inn near the hot springs town, and catch him and his sidekick Hanger-on sneaking home in the morning after overnighting with geisha.