Blasphemy is Tehmina Durrani’s novel about the exploitation at the hands of her husband. Many describe the novel to be about “religious” exploitation, however. Tehmina Durrani is a Pakistani author, artist, and activist on women’s and children’s rights. Her first book, “My Feudal Lord”. Book Review: Blasphemy by Tehmina Durrani. Set in South Pakistan, BLASPHEMY – the novel is inspired by a true story of a young girl trapped in the cruelest.

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I was a soldier. Her parents married her to Anees Khan when she was seventeen and they had a daughter together. The author speaks of religious bigots not letting Begins with protagonist’s young and beautiful Heer mother, out of utter ignorance and fear of Allah read Pir Sainmarrying and novrl her off into the beast Pir Sain’s hell. Pir Sain was a symbol of munafiqat. Tehmina Durrani is also a painter.

At that time, as I was beginning to discover Pakistani a The theme of the novel is tragic and controversial. Sep 01, Zunaira Ghaffar rated it liked it. The descriptions are awfully repulsive and the very thought that several thousands of women, even today, are subjected to this sort of life, is enough to give you shivers. Durrani denied she signed a contract vesting complete foreign rights with Mohsin rather than with herself and her estate.

Khar was one of the founders of the Pakistan People’s Party and Tehmina was his eighth wife. Durrani and Khan divorced in A world where she has to protect her daughters from the evil clutches of men, including their own father. Her rebellious nature also blasphdmy her losing all financial support from her ex-husband, as well as nofel custody of her children.


We can only imagine how advanced and more sick the evils are of today.

The core ideas in its Mission and Vision [3] are:. In this book, she has written about her trauma and torture during her life with her husband, Gulam Mustafa Khar. Saimah Raza July 28, at There are some incidents narrated by her in the book when equally leveled her husband in aggression and behavior which Gulam Mustafa Khar never thought before.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Italian mother left Pakistan after falling out with the chapter run by Musarat Misba of Depilex over financial discrepancies. It will nauseate tenmina, and really make you sick to stomach. I could not imagine loving my husband.

Blasphemy: A Novel – Tehmina Durrani – Google Books

It is the official document Abdul Sattar Edhi ‘s life and message. Penguin- Social Science – pages. The thoughts going round and round in my head, making me ponder about the lack of humanity in the human race. Retrieved 8 October In the Pir’s haveli, unspeakable horrors are perpetrated every day and every night, all in jovel name of Allah. How can someone be tortured so much and still survive and end up with a happy ending.

Marmaduke Pickthall New Delhi: The story depicts the piri faqiri system devotion to so called spiritual men in the Pakistani society. I need to stop watching Nat Geo documentaries and get back to the book.


Without jumping into spoilers of any sort, it is worth noting the amount of abuse a woman can go through, all under the name of religion. Anyone who dared to raise his voice against the system was crushed in a way that served as an example for other people to never question the authority of the Peer’s ancestral Shrine in future.

She is currently involved in the emancipation of women in Pakistan. Tehmina and Khar got married after she blxsphemy, but their honeymoon period turned bitter very quickly.

All I can do is, review her book.

People have different opinions, views and logic regarding it. Jul 30, Ayesha U rated it liked it. This implies to all the women irrespective of any ethnic group. Her first exhibit, Catharsiswas held in I couldn’t finish this book.

Tehmina Durrani

Preview — Blasphemy by Tehmina Durrani. At seventeen, she married Anees Khan, and they had one daughter together.

The abuse this woman faced was just awful and made me mad enough to want to throw the book across the room. This book will leave a taste of blood in your mouth.