Bewitching [Jill Barnett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Duke of Belmore is horrified to learn that his beloved Joy MacQuarrie is a. What’s a duke to do when a carefully selected bride rejects him rather than marry without love? He salvages his pride by marrying the next woman who falls into. Read Bewitching by Jill Barnett by Jill Barnett by Jill Barnett for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android.

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Bewitching (Bewitching, book 1) by Jill Barnett

He beditching her her hope and her magic. When March Randolph meets Mike Cantrell, she has no idea how her life will change, and how time will change her.

Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. She was swept off her feet by Alec and believes she can bring hope and joy to his life.

Desert Isle Keeper

The results are often catastrophic. She lives in the PNW with her family. Published October 1st by Pocket Books first published May 1st When the Duke happens to find a lonely lady in the woods he of course does the right thing and takes her to the nearest inn. Survival was his top priority, but he could not resist Lollie’s seductive charm This is the kind of story that stands out in its ability to take you on a magical ride away from all the troubles jikl the day.

He is surprised to realize she is a witch and doesn’t want her to practice and ruin his name. This man mill her. Turns out she knew what she was talking about.

The writing still feels refreshingly lively and engaging, keeping the best of the closing ’80s in terms of polished and lush prose while presenting an already much more relaxed and good-humoured battle of the sexes dressed in a sweetly spicy supernatural sauce. She soon realizes this will take a lot more work than she expected as he is very closed off and only concerned with the family name.


An old gipsy tells him that he marries the next woman he meets. I enjoyed Jill Barnett’s writing style and the characters were engaging and fun. What a shame, because this narrator has a voice I could listen to for hours on end with pleasure. She also made me giggle when her magic “surprisingly” failed and both she and Alec landed on a heap of ice.

The Duke, Alec, was raised by a heavy-handed father that drilled into him that no one in their family conceded to a love match. She’s been in love with Richard since childhood, since she was eleven and knocked him into a river.

The uninvited green-eyed and mink-haired guest in question is no other than Joyous Fiona MacQuarrie, an adorable as much as bungling sorceress from Scotland, mis-landed, and thus misplaced on Belmore’s ducal lap and coach, thanks to a botched spell of her own doing nothing new theremeant instead to send her rusticating in a country cottage while her aunt and mentor is away for a two-years “business” convention.

Mass Market Paperbackpages.

A witch whose control of her magic spells is not quite perfect which provides many amusing results at the expense of her uptight hero, Alec, the occasional innocent bystander and an uppity gossip who deserves her comeuppance.

Neil Herndon, Viscount Seymour, also finds the love of his life in this book. Jun 25, Megan B rated it did not like it Shelves: If you get the chance to read this book, I think you should jump on it.

Books by Jill Barnett. When she has a cold Although she does tell him before they consummate their marriage that she is a witch, and he expectedly freaks over it, they manage to remain married and deal with it. Though her mother, Kathryn, struggled to keep her daughter safe and secluded after the terrible accident that ruined their family, she cannot guard against the one danger she never expected: I need a mature audiences warning to avoid waking up my family with my laughter in the middle of the night.


However, his actions and words never warmed you to him.

Bewitching by Jill Barnett

From the battlefields of Europe to the blue skies of the English countryside, from solid hometown roots in the American West to the shifting sands of the Sahara Desert, five ordinary men and women risk their lives for honor and their country, and find themselves changed forever, not merely by the circumstances of war, but by the deepest trials of the human heart. Cassidy is a man known for his stealth, until he finds himself on the run in the deserts of North Africa with Kitty Kincaid, the daughter of a U.

There is, as well, an excellent cast of secondary characters. From the moment she saw him, some thread had linked them together. Bewitched meets English peerage and all.

One hilarious incident after another keeps the story’s pace clipping along to a satisfying, very romantic conclusion. He, at first, is stiff and often unkind as he orders her not to use her witchcraft a la Darrin in Bewitched but over time – a long time it seems – he begins to bend and allow her to use it once in a while.