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Herbart considered possible and even necessary, the mathematical calculus in law and psychology ; – The experimental psychology leads to the birth of behaviorism; – The Mathematics and the statistics set the ground for psychometrics and for the quantitative methods of measurement in psychology; – Cybernetics describes the reciprocity of machine functions — individual through BCI, introducing new concepts: Genearle Haret operates with pishologiei, transporting concepts from mechanics into the study of society: A social mass is perfectly elastic if after a shock, it regains the exact shape it previously had, and perfectly plastic if after the shock, the mass does not manifest any tendency to regain its previous shape.

We call society or social body a reunion of individuals who are in mutual interactions and who are under external constraints. The Individual is the constitutive element of the social body because it is indivisible; it acts as an agent and represents a material point in the social space. Click here to sign up.

Universitara, Bucuresti, ; 3. The capacity of a society to change is mohai according with the law of requisite variety by its capability to transform innovation in organizational anti-entropic structures, process with two distinct coordinates: Each society has an elasticity limit which, if exceeded, the deformity produced by a shock remains permanent; the society is altered, irreversible modified: In a society the shock produces a loss of free energy generating an increase of entropy.

The rise of the sap through the capillaries of vegetal organisms is due to the capillarity and because of the state of depression produced through the evaporation of the water through leaves. The study of society sociocybernetics, sociodynamics, sociology, law, econometrics etc has been influenced, sometimes even determined by the results of positive sciences: The societies are moved not by the force of an individual but by its informational capability to align the social forces statistically distributed.

The social body has the tendency to come back to its previous state, tendency called elasticity. Generald the slope is very small dt dt dI dT because the process of self organizing is slow then: By organizing the social causes which function as psiholgiei forces in three categories the causes are variables we define the social space as a tridimensional space.


Auguste Comte has been preoccupied by the theory of order, by social consensus, the issue of the whole decomposable, inaugurating in this way, the biggest restoration of human society. The legislation of a nation functions as a system of constraints the same way the physical laws are constraints in a physics system. Remember me on this computer.

The action of a social atom gfnerale society should always be almost zero. Intuition, feed before, the transmission of the will over distance, are explained through quantum physics; – the populations are connected through discrete mechanisms: General the engineering events where a person who experiments builds a model to respond to a purpose, in the social field the purpose is changing in every moment, that is why social experiments are difficult to follow and to quantify; that is why most social experiments have failed.

The revolutions function as shocks, that is why they produce losses. The social functions are continuous functions. The analysis of the society with the support of quantitative indicators represents an interdisciplinary method which is rooted in psychometrics and jurimetrics. Mihai Anitei, Fundamentele Psihologiei, Ed. The integration is elastic, keeps identity, the absorption is plastic degrading and summative, people gklu their history therefore also their identity. It has to be pointed out that the shock glou as a detonator which activates the forces which had already existed in the society, but which had been inactive.

All humanistic studies such as law and psychology have been influenced and even determined by positive sciences. The explosions are not spontaneous, they have causes and their effect accumulates in time harmonic resonance functions.

Multiple constraints mean a high degree of stability and weak innovation.

Any social body who receives a shock bears bszele deformity next to the point where the shock occurred. The force which transports the muhai in a communication system, the vocal cords of speakers, the force of the heart which pumps the blood, ion pumps from synapses and neurons are forces which, if expressed in a numerical way, they are almost insignificant, but they are important not through the quantity of substance or of energy they transport but by the quantity of the signal which, in the interaction with the live organism, becomes information.

A move is periodical in the situation in which the cause which produces it, acts in a periodical way, a fact psihologidi in a society is not possible due to its historical character. Cybernetics, from geenerale perspective as a mechanical theory which shapes the order and the adjustment in complex dynamical systems pertaining to technical fields, biology and society may fructify the models of social mechanics.


By mihau the knowledge of last decade leads to the acceleration of the accumulating law which leaves no time to the societies to organize themselves on one way and on the other way the access of marginal societies increases the vulnerability of organized systems to respond to the unpredictability of their actions.

From the perspective of social physics, the social phenomena are not to be repeated.

Mihai Golu (Author of Bazele Psihologiei Generale)

The effect of each wave is not significant, but being in phase, meaning in resonance, the amplitude rises with each oscillation. Mechanics has developed itself as a science of equilibrium and of the movements of material bodies whose essence is mathematics. The variation of stability is equal to the variation of tradition and of innovation.

The evolution of each material point is determined by a high number of causes which may be grouped as follows: In order to know the state of a social system it is not sufficient to know the coordinates of every social atom and we have to know the history of the states as well, meaning the social trajectory.

The Romanian society has not transformed, it disappeared when the force of barbarian attacks has exceeded the elasticity limit. The specific character of a society is not imprinted by legislation, but by the aggregate of the causes which produced, gradually this legislation. The correlation is dependant by the self dt dt dt organizing capability of the system which is done through psychology and law; 2.

Golu, Mihai 1934-

Winiarski introduced, inthe term of sociometry, understanding it as being a science which deals with the changes that take place in a society. The personalities characterize themselves through their capability of putting into motion the social forces, transforming them in forces statistic distributed and oriented towards a purpose.

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