This internship report of Bank Alfalah Limited Bahawalpur where I spend 06 weeks in almost all departments of bank. I worked with all staff of bank. Internship Report on Bank Alfalah – Free ebook download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. BANK ALFALAH LIMITED Internship Report submitted to the Faculty of Management & Administrative Sciences in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the.

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This write off policy is strictly bases on the guidelines and instruction issued from time to time by the State Bank of Pakistan.

Bank Alfalah Internship Report – Bohat ALA

Then the amendments are made in the account of the depositor. Offering the facility to acquire free supplementary cards for your family members.

The people of bank innovation, creativity, reliability, customized services and their execution are the key ingredients for their future growth.

Bank Alfalah Limited is well established bank. Account holder gives an application along with necessary documents to the bank. For this Nadra death certificate is needed and application from family o the deceased customer.

Balance is fed into the computer. This scenario gave substantial boost to the overall car sales, which in turn proved to be highly beneficial to the local car manufacturers. First of alfalha the customer algalah the request to close the account. Form A showing the changes in share capital and share holders 9. Cheques for local clearing are entered in Clearing Register whereas cheques for collection are entered in OBC register and handed over to the Bills Department for collection.

Offering card members a range of features design to protect you and your family from the setbacks of life, at very affordable rates.


Enjoy the benefits of this exclusive offer on your Bank Alfalah credit card. An instant unternship plan is also incorporated in the acquiring business, whereby Bank Alfalah cardholders can convert any transaction conducted at Bank Alfalah merchants to easy installments of 3 to 36 months at the time of transaction. The minimum balance requirement for opening the account is Rs.

The Bank does not make payment of a cheques bearing a six-month or older date. The write off is necessary to remove the asset of the intenrship which is considered to be irrecoverable from the borrower. For Corporate customers centralized Cash Management facility is also offered through on-line banking. This department includes credit card software support and maintenance, in-house programming and development and in-house technical support.

Bank Alfalah also does not charge any annual fee and no charges when you avail credit card facility. We use them for compliance and verification.

Later on Sumerians, Babylonians, Hittites and Assyrians standardized the values of the goods in silver, copper and bronze. The Bank Alfalah Home Finance product continues to be the market leader in Pakistan, having the largest ban and outstanding portfolio among all the commercial banks operating in Pakistan. In the same manner other banks present their clearing drawn on Bank Alfalah.

But the proper auditing we carry out integnship through budgeting, through the budgets we check how we are performing especially from top down level. Based on this approach, their Treasury Division and the Structured Finance Unit have been geared to provide specialized services to the corporate customers.

Assignment Point – Solution for Best Assignment Paper

In order to streamline Banking organizations and techniques conferences bxnk held in Nuremburg from to and it was agreed that the commercial interest of the time needed a bank with facilities of growth and transfer but it should not be a bank run by private individuals. Our clients enjoy the benefit of our well integrated global correspondent-banking network giving them greater global reach.


The separation of East Pakistan and its repercussion in the form of economic depression has caused a lot of difficulties to the banking system in Pakistan. This Bank rendered great service to the merchants as well as countries it dealt with until when it was merged with the Reich bank.

The procedures are set keeping in mind the SBP regulations. For the sake of internship the most initial thing is to have a practical experience. Print out of the clearing is taken and details are attached with the cheques of each bank. We commenced car financing in the year July We feel immense pride that our car financing has redefined operating standards. The auditing procedures are used to check and verify performances and targets of all the staff, at branch level, at higher internsihp, and also to see the target levels and benchmarks that we are supposed to achieve from our sales etc because of our customers.

ATM network is geared up to bankk the latest technology, and is equipped to meet the highest standards of security and efficiency. This account is mainly used for business purposes. I am thankful to my teachers for his help, advice and guidance during studies. Therefore the expert committee recommended that the Reserve Bank of India should continue to function in Pakistan until 30th September so that problems of time and demand liability coinage currencies exchange etc.