Ayn Rand’s ethics, the centerpiece of Objectivism, is a code of morality for living and loving life. This is a beautiful thing. Through centuries of scourges and disasters, brought about by your code of morality, you have cried that your code had been broken, that the scourges were . AYN RAND’S OBJECTIVIST ETHICS AS THE FOUNDATION OF BUSINESS ETHICS∗. The purpose of this paper is to present the essence of Ayn Rand’s theory.

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Objectivism Objectivism and libertarianism Objectivism and homosexuality Objectivism’s rejection of the primitive Randian hero. Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Some scholars have focused on applying Objectivism in more specific areas.

Many philosophers have criticized Objectivist ethics. Objectivism includes an extensive treatment of ethical concerns. This is understood to be objectifist direct consequence of the metaphysical principle that “existence is identity. New York, New YOrk: Metaphysically, life is the only phenomenon that is an end in itself: Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.

Science Logic and Mathematics. Just as one’s own needs lie at the heart of the Objectivist ethical code, so should respect for them lie at the heart of one’s values. A plant has no choice of action; the goals it pursues are automatic and innate, determined by its nature. obnectivist

Critique of “The Objectivist Ethics”

The Passion of Ayn Rand. University Press of America. Meanwhile, like the barnyard revolutionaries of George Orwell’s Animal Farmthe advocates of uniformity and self-sacrifice strain to prove themselves “more equal than others,” so that they may determine how much love is enough, or what your ability is and what your needs should be. Psychology professor Robert L.

Rand described Objectivism as “the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute”. Media Ethics in Applied Ethics categorize this paper.


To love is to value. The higher organisms possess a much more potent form of consciousness: In situations for which its knowledge is inadequate, it perishes—as, for instance, an animal that stands paralyzed on the track of a railroad in the rahd of a speeding train.

What’s in a Credo?

The responsibility belongs to the philosophers of altruism. This form of cooperation allows all men who take part in it to achieve a greater knowledge, skill and productive return on their effort than they could achieve if each had to produce everything he needs, on a desert island or on a self-sustaining farm. The survival of such mental parasites depends on blind chance; their unfocused minds are unable to know whom to imitate, whose motions it is safe to follow.

It means the consciously chosen pursuit of a productive career, in any line of rational endeavor, great or modest, on any level of ability. Rand also rejected subjectivism. The Virtuous Egoist “. And te is only a living organism that has the capacity for self-generated, goal-directed action. He is free to evade reality, he is free to unfocus his mind and stumble blindly down ths road he pleases, but not free to avoid the abyss he refuses to see.

Since man has no automatic knowledge, he can have no automatic values; since he has no innate ideas, he can have no innate value judgments.

Ayn Rand, The Objectivist Ethics – PhilPapers

The Dictionary of Modern American Philosophers. What standard determines what is proper in this context? Night of January 16th Ideal The Unconquered Rand argued that neither is possible because the senses provide the material of knowledge while conceptual processing is also needed to establish knowable propositions. It is only on the basis of rational selfishness—on the ethkcs of objectviist men can be fit to live together in a free, peaceful, prosperous, benevolent, rational society.

Objectivism holds that the purpose of morality is to define a code of values in support of one’s own life, a human life.


The Objectivist Ethics

Retrieved August 8, She therefore said she opposed capital punishment “on epistemological, not moral, grounds. Such looters are parasites incapable of survival, who exist by destroying those who are capable, those who are pursuing a course of action proper to man.

Retrieved July 20, A holdup man seeks to gain a value, wealth, by killing his victim; the victim does not grow richer by killing a holdup man.

This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat Who Needs It Objectivism Rational egoism Individualism Capitalism Romantic realism. Peikoff, Leonard February 27, According to Rand, “man’s mind will not function at the point of a gun.

Man can focus his mind to a full, active, purposefully directed awareness of reality—or he rthics unfocus it and let himself drift in a semiconscious daze, merely reacting to any chance stimulus of the immediate moment, at the mercy of his undirected sensory-perceptual mechanism and of any random, associational connections it might happen to make. It holds that any work is spiritual that is well and thoughtfully done, no matter what the scale of achievement, from ths factory line worker to the corporate CEO, and from the most unknown clerk to the most celebrated movie star.

Unilateral Transfers and the Transformation of Objectivist Ethics. It is able to learn certain skills to deal with specific situations, such as hunting or hiding, which the parents of the higher animals teach their young. To make this point fully clear, try to imagine an immortal, indestructible robot, an entity which moves and acts, but which cannot be affected by anything, which cannot be changed in any respect, which cannot be damaged, injured or destroyed.