The Assimil line of home-study courses is highly-regarded and, you’re in luck, they have a course in Hungarian from an English base!. Assimil Hungarian With Ease – CDs. In Depth: With the benefit of an unparalleled 2, words in the average Assimil method, and with an even greater number. I started Assimil (Hungarian with Ease I think?) during Pimsleur and am continuing with it now that I’ve finished the 30 Pimsleur lessons. I really.

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So all happening in the past is said the same way, which is easy if you compare to how many tenses there are in French for the past.

Assimil Hungarian

I found out that it was a new step in my Hungarian studies and that it might be the missing link I was looking for to develop complete fluency.

Also, if anyone knows of any good films or novels translated into English, please let me know. There you can find a lot of written and spoken texts, colloquial Hungarian too, with grammatical explanations and exercises see bottom of their homepage. The Hungarian culture is rich, there are many beautiful things to visit. They didn’t take up an offer last year from someone who said he would write ancient Greek lessons for LingQ.

Hi Mark, Good luck with the Hungarian advanture.

It’s about the genocide of Hungarian Jews, so not the most cheerful, but both excellent pieces. We could drink beer together, though, and use sign language. Page 1 of 1.


Assimil is probably a good idea. That’s one thing you learn when huungarian study translations. This leads to the fact that it’s very difficult to anticipate what is said. I have no idea with the Hungarian. I might have mentioned earlier in the thread, FSI hungarian, free to download, bit dry and old, but a great starter course.

Goodreads also has some reviews of it at https: A good resource on the web is www. I need some Russian, German and English practice. Or do you think Hungarian is a strong language and will not be internationalised?

Assimil Hungarian – Memrise

Aszimil definitely want to learn it in the near future. Hi everybody and especially Hungarians! DD It is sometimes frustrating because even if you learn a lot of words, they will use another one just for pleasure, and you’ll be confused. D Once you started lifting kg weights every day, going back to kg seems assimik easy: I do not think it is such a complex languages, but it has a logic on its own and that’s what makes it difficult for most of us.

Benny’s Top Resources for Learning Hungarian

Kind of funny that you compare it to Russian, saying it’s 20 kg heavier. Yeah thats suprising when foreign people speak Hungarian because who wants to learn Hungarian. I think I will get back to Hungarian at the end of the year.

I was in Budapest for 6 months, but I was working on a project with other English-speakers, and I spoke to my girlfriend in Japanese, so there just wasn’t really an opportunity to fit Hungarian in.


Several times I have assijil a rumour that Hungarian language sounds ugly for those who don’t understand it.

I haven’t done hunngarian Hungarian in the past year.

Thank you for sharing! Has anyone else noticed this? Hungarian Tracker Glossika Fluency 3: Anyway, I haven’t looked into the language really at all yet, so I’ll look through some beginner material and then make a judgement about whether to have a go hungariann it or not. I don’t personally find Hungarian ugly at all.

I didn’t find any other valuable source of teaching for Hungarian as it is a language that is not a asaimil. The structures are so particular that Russian grammar seems easy to me afterwards: I realized I tried to memorize too much vocabulary and didn’t structure enough my speech. Personally, I consider that the most difficult thing in hungarian is that they use a lot of different words for the same ideas.

Assimil Hungarian

Hungarians are usually happy and surprised to hear a few words from a foreigner and will want to hear more. I have created a survey, maybe the Hungarians could fill it in and help me with maybe finding some words or sentence structure that was influenced assimiil English. I haven’t done more than a cursory glance through them. In my opinion, it is not a good idea to translate “who is she” to hungarian. Why don’t you all Hungarian-lovers start gathering votes for Hungarian on the Assumil beta language poll?