Translation by by Arthur Arberry (). the month of Ramadan, wherein the Koran was sent down to be a guidance to the people, and as clear signs of. This is the etext version of the book The Koran Interpreted A Translation by A. J. Arberry, taken from the original etext Arthur’s Classic Novels. The Koran Interpreted has 19 ratings and 6 reviews. Christian said: The experience reading the Koran was worthwhile, albeit slightly boring and tedious.. .

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Be not as those who scattered and fell into variance after the clear signs came to them; those there awaits a mighty chastisement, the day when some faces are blackened, and some faces whitened. And whatsoever arberru you do, you shall not be denied the just reward of it; and God knows the godfearing.

Our Lord, make not our hearts to swerve after that Thou hast guided us; and give us mercy from Thee; Thou art the Giver. But the likeness of those who expend their wealth, seeking God’s good pleasure, and to confirm themselves, is as the likeness of a garden upon a hill; a torrent smites it and it yields its produce twofold; if no torrent smites it, yet dew; and God sees the things you do.

Arbetry who expend their wealth in the way of God then follow not up what they have expended with reproach and injury, their wage is with their Lord, and no fear shall be on them, neither shall they sorrow.

And some there are of the People of the Book who believe in God, and what has been sent down unto you, and what has been sent down unto them, men humble to God, not selling the signs of God for a small price; those — their wage is with their Lord; God is swift at the reckoning.

I have vowed a fast unto the Beneficent, and may arerry speak this day to any mortal. If you are slain or die in God’s way, forgiveness and mercy from God are a better thing than that you amass; surely if you die or are slain, it is unto God you shall be mustered.

He answered, Verily I am the messenger of thy Lord, and am sent to give thee a holy son. Exactly four centuries later this mediaeval Latin version was punished at Basle, the editor being Theodor Bibliander Buchmann of Zurich.


Arthur John Arberry

Why do you dispute concerning Abraham? The heir has a like duty. But if any man fears injustice or sin from one making testament, and so makes things right between them, then sin shall not rest upon him; surely God is All-forgiving, All-compassionate.

God desires to make clear to you, and to guide you in the institutions of those before you, and to turn towards you; God is All-knowing, All-wise; and God desires to turn towards you, but those who follow their lusts desire you to swerve away mightily. When they meet those who beliieve, they say, ‘We believe’; but when they go privily to their Satans, they say, We are with you; we were only mocking.

Rodwell gives the following justification of this somewhat arbitrary procedure: For if he was indeed the illiterate person the Muslims represent him to have been, then it will be hard to escape their inference raberry the Koran is, as they assert it to be, a standing miracle. That provision is for those of you who fear fornication; yet it is better for you to be patient.

Translator-Ahmad Ramadan marked it as to-read Oct 25, And if thou meetest any mortal, say: O you men, serve your Lord Who created you, and those that were before you; haply so you will be godfearing; 20 who assigned to you the earth for a couch, and heaven for an edifice, and sent down out of heaven water, wherewith He brought forth fruits for your provision; so set not up compeers to God wittingly.

So whosoever disbelieves in idols and believes in God, has laid hold of the most firm handle, unbreaking; God is All-hearing, All-knowing. Moreover if thou see any man, and he question thee, say, Verily, I have vowed a fast unto the Merciful; wherefore I will by no means speak to a man this day.

The Koran Interpreted – Wikipedia

It is He who created for you all koraj is in the earth, then He lifted Himself to heaven and levelled them seven heavens; and He has knowledge of everything. And remember God during certain days numbered. But other men there are that sell themselves desiring God’s good pleasure; and God is gentle with His servants.


And We said, Adam, dwell thou, and thy wife, in the Garden, and eat thereof easefully where you desire; but draw not nigh this tree, lest you be evildoers. ZM marked it as to-read Nov 10, And had chosen seclusion from them.

God knows, and you know not. Grace marked it as to-read Dec 17, Then her infant spake, and said, I am the Servant korna God, he hath taught me the Scripture, hath made me a Prophet, blessed me in all places, and arbwrry me to pray unto him; he hath recommended to me purity through the whole course of my life, and to honour my Father and Mother; he hath not made me either violent or malicious, praised shall be the day of my birth, the day that I shall die, and the day of my resurrection.

And fear God, and know that God is terrible in retribution. That, because God has sent down the Book with the truth; and those that are at variance regarding the Book are in wide schism. His translation of the Qur’an into English, The Koran Interpreted, is one of the most prominent written by a non-Muslim scholar, and widely respected amongst academics.

Full text of “Quran A J Arberry”

There is a repertory of familiar themes running through the whole Koran; each Sura elaborates or adumbrates one or more — often many — of these.

Why does a sign not come to us? And kill not one another.

But if one of you trusts another, let him who is trusted deliver his trust, and let him fear God his Lord. Yet no book of comparable importance has been so little understood in the West, and this must in large part be attributed to the difficulties of translation, discussed in the preface to this edition.

Our Lord, forgive Thou us our sins and acquit us of our evil deeds, and take us to Thee with the pious. Members Reviews Popularity Average rating Mentions 2 26, 3.