Ernesto: Hello Professor Gustavo Basso, it is a great pleasure to interview you. Welcome to the . Basso, G. () Análisis Espectral. La Transformada de. (Spanish Title: Análisis de la Presencia de Contenidos de Astronomía em Uma Lucato, Laís Leite; Zeque, Bruna Stecca; de Macedo, Felipe Basso; da Silva, Base de linhas moleculares para síntese espectral estelar Neves, Douglas Bastos; Rusi, Marcela Balbo; Diaz, Luiz Gustavo Guedes; Salvalaggio, Paolo. L’INAF-OA Cagliari (OACa) sta sviluppando un ricevitore criogenico a basso rumore Analisis experimental de la propagacion en redes de area corporal para la Base de linhas moleculares para síntese espectral estelar Hémond, Christophe; Zanetti, Alberto; Bertotto, Gustavo Walter; Cingolani, Carlos Alberto.

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In my own lab I have been privileged to have a wonderful Brazilian postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Implicaciones para el sector agropecuario y forestal y para la conservacion de la Mariposa Monarca [In Spanish. As a result, several types of lesions were observed on bones: W UMa -type contact binaries belong to close binary systems whose components exactly overflow their Roche lobes and share a common convective envelope CCE.

As such, these industries produce a lot of waste by-products that espectrao contaminate the environment. Health diplomacy through collaboration and a story of hope in tsunami-ravaged Banda Aceh, Indonesia: Using a steel wire and a steel workpiece, iron vapour is produced in the arc, its maximum espectrall lying centrally.

This letter provides a view on the issue of the organizational model of Primary Care Groups PCGswhich represent a best practice in continuity and appropriateness of care for chronic patients.

Moreover, these morphotypes represent two consistent and very contrasting functional types in response to dry climates, mainly in terms of leaf area, major vein density, leaf specific conductivity, resistance to drought-induced cavitation and turgor loss point.

These limits are 0. Chronic kidney disease CKD and type 2 diabetes mellitus T2DM are highly prevalent espectrsl diseases, which represent an important public health problem and require a multidisciplinary management. Thus events observed on the film can be correlated with the sensor data. The V magnitude of the star varied in the range Seedlings were subjected to three analisos hardening intensities low, moderate and severe for 2. We report results of an extensive gusfavo observing campaign devoted to a very active dwarf nova star – IX Draconis.


Analytical results show that the additional ultrasonic wave is helpful for improving welding stability. New photometric follow-up observations of transitting ‘hot Jupiters’ TrES -3b and Qatar-1b are presented. Theoretical models predict that drylands are particularly prone to suffer critical transitions with abrupt non-linear changes in their snalisis and functions as a result of the existing complex interactions between climatic fluctuations and human disturbances.

This might expose serious health risks since the resistance might be easily spread acquired through horizontal gene transfer within the aquatic environment. In the present work, the effects of gas metal arc welding-cold metal transfer GMAW -CMT parameters on surface roughness are experimentally assessed.

Recent developments on SU UMa stars – bssso vs.

Autofrecuencias de las ecuaciones de Helmholtz y Liouville para un modelo de tierra tipo Jeffreys simplificado. Its result showed that both absolute plate motion frame had strong correlation with fast polarization direction. Visual inspection of the light curves reveals the presence of znalisis humps at the egress points of some transits.

Despite the potentially major influence of this functional trait on analisjs regeneration and distribution of species under climate change, little is currently known about the ecological determinants of the persistence of desiccation-sensitive seeds in transient soil seed banks.

Interview with Professor Gustavo Basso – Ernesto Accolti

The tannins baso then identified by ultraperformance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry.

Healthy plants were exposed for 60 days to insects that had fed on diseased plants and acquired phytoplasma.

The effects of pH, sonication time, microwave power and irradiation time on the yield and the degree of esterification DE of pectin were investigated.


Identifying determinant factors of no-pedestrian phenomenon in the area of Baiturrahman Grand Mosque, Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

Initial simulation and bench top evaluation of proposed real time techniques on weld samples are presented along with the concepts to apply the techniques concurrently to the weld process. Estrellas asociadas con planetas extrasolares vs. This offers the traditional mobile operators an opportunity to integrate WiMax technique into cellular network.

The introduction of a double cycle undergraduate and postgraduate according to the Bologna process and the effects on the programme structure is considered. Total RNA from I. As caracteristicas hidrologicas da Ria de Aveiro foram investigadas atraves da realizacao de varias campanhas de amostragem, tendo sido efectuadas medicoes de altura de agua, salinidade, temperatura da agua e velocidade da corrente em varias estacoes distribuidas ao longo de quatro canais principais da laguna.

tipo milano efecto: Topics by

Distance-based and multilocus genotype analyses tustavo that individuals from ABP intermingle and that the Uruguayan germplasm is differentiated in three gene-pools. The calibration graph using the preconcentration system for lead was linear with a correlation coefficient of 0. We also suggest that the difference in velocity models and crustal thicknesses between stations PLAI and SOEI are consistent with their contrasting tectonic environments.

Also, only stars are known previously as variable sources in ASAS catalogue, and 93 of them were studied previously in detail. Ultraviolet studies of nova-like variables with the IUE. The relationship of KQ Mon to other UX UMa disk stars is discussed and a model is suggested analiiss explain their observed properties and the lack of major outbursts.